Liberty Mutual Insurance and its subsidiaries appear to be engaged in collusion

Liberty Mutual Insurance and its subsidiaries appear to be engaged in collusion with joint tort feasor Fed Ex and Fed Ex Kinkos-Office in a global scheme to cover up unfit, unsafe and hazardous conditions at Fed Ex Kinkos locations. Information exhumed reveals that property owners, Liberty Mutual and Fed Ex in concert schemed by interstate , mail, telephone and wire fraud a systematic cover-up of prior incidents of victims injuries in order to avoid liability and proof of negligence at specific locations insured by Liberty Mutual and leases by Fed Ex Kinkos. These illegal cover up lies and fraud were intended to defraud injured consumers from pursuit of liability claims. This illegal and reprehensible conduct was a willful effort to defraud and may be crimes.

Scams Inc. and Scamraiders are being bombarded with horror stories involving the illegal abuses of Liberty Mutual, Safeco, golden eagle and other of liberty subs. -----insurance companies owe duty to consumers and injured parties to settle claims in good faith and not engage in cover-ups and fraud and conspiracy with corrupt joint tort-feasors.----

We call attention to Roehl Transport vs Liberty Mutual 2008 AP 1303 Wisconsin - the court found Liberty Mutual's conduct to be illegal, reprehensible and that Liberty Mutual and their employees 'broke the law'. And engaged in deceptive dealings and worse-------

Richard Blumenthal, Atty General of the State of Conn found Liberty Mutual's activities to be reprehensible, and that they engaged in kickbacks and bribery.

Liberty Mutual appears to have no compunction to rob, cheat, and disenfranchise injured consumers implementation suppression of evidence of fault, negligence and thus insured's liability. We have proof of Liberty Mutual and Golden Eagle's interstate fraud trying to cover-up prior negligence of their insured and try to cover up unfit and hazardous conditions at Fed Ex Kinkos. Liberty Mutual, in concert with an unsavory insured, conspired with them to cover up documented prior injuries caused by unfit conditions not repaired by the insured.

Liberty Mutual, Golden Eagle Fed Ex conspired to cheat and loot victims and then rob releases without consideration by implementation of interstate fraud, deception and repeated deceptive acts and illegal acts.

Scams Inc and Scamraiders will announce on Google a $5000.00 reward to anyone providing facts and information to us concerning Liberty Mutual and any sub. Regarding the insurers bad acts including but not limited to acts of fraud, deception, cover-up's, kickbacks, consumer abuses, bad faith, unfair dealings, collusion with Fed Ex or any other person or company and any other unlawful conduct that leads to the conviction of Liberty Mutual, or any of its agents or adjustors and employees------

Scams Inc. and Scamraiders are dedicated to exposing the apparent Liberty Mutual, et-al corrupt, deceptive, illegal and deliberate scams engaged in seemingly in order to disenfranchise victims from their rights and recoveries by larceny, frauds unfair dealings, bad faith, collusion and criminality-----please see 2008 AP 1303---Roehl vs Liberty below--------and look for reward announcement on Google----- Also, please review the exhibit on

Liberty Mutual's and others in concert with them acts of corruption, thumbing their nose at the law and extorting and abusing victim consumers and rooking by deception injured parties--- will be exposed and for once and for all stopped. Liberty Mutual et-al push their weight around by misuse of interstate instrumentalities, engage in deception, fraud and collusion and then try and hide behind the very laws they have themselves broken for their own unjust enrichments for their acts of deliberate fraud, bad faith and unfair dealings

Roehl vs Liberty Mutual 


Unfair Business Practices

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