Mob front George Pavia and wife Antonia owe NY City thousands of dollars in unpaid ECB court violations and judgments for fines, perjury and filing phony/forged certificates of corrections

. . . regarding the hazardous structures at the Pavia premises---18 East 73rd Street

The Pavias have defrauded the Dept of Bldgs in NYC and its inspectors and the ECB Court. They were found after five trials that their premises 18 E 73rd St and the Jim Couri apartment are illegal, hazardous and unfit.

The Pavias lied and were found by the court to be perjurers and to have filed false documents with NY City agencies. The ECB Court found flagrant violations and fined the Pavias thousands. The Pavias have failed and refused to pay the fines and have not corrected the hazardous conditions. JSC Madden ignored these facts and precluded the ECB Court findings to be introduced in her court - a scam and obstruction of justice to allow the Pavias to rob due process.

Madden permitted collusion, larceny and corruption in her court and undermined the system - clear and convincing are the findings by five judges at ECB Court that the Pavias are perjurers and engaged in forgery, fraud and corruption. Meanwhile, the Pavias, living on others’ money, fail to pay NYC thousands in fines for their frauds on the ECB Court and the NYC Dept of Bldgs - the violations unpaid by the Pavias that are 'in-collection' include Dept of Bldgs/ECB court violation #'s 34505601k and 34505600z. The Pavias living high on others money - refuse and fail to pay the NYC collection agency and the ECB Court judgments against them - see Scamraiders.

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