Mob front George Pavia, Esq. and how he bribed, corrupted, and fixed a court in the Unified Court System

Mob front George Pavia, Esq. and how he bribed, corrupted, and fixed a court in the Unified Court System to steal rent stabilization implementing perjury, forgery, conning of the ECB courts, filing false documents with the division of housing and community renewal (DHCR), the agency that controls NYC rent stabilization.

George Pavia and his wife Antonia filed false certificates of corrections with the NYC Department of Buildings. They engaged in rampant retaliation, extortion, threats, physical abuse and corruption. Their own lawyer, Jay Itkowitz, published that the Pavias would do anything to 'avoid rent stabilization and get Jim Couri out' – the very person who uncovered the Pavias' intentional failure to properly or at all register the building that Jim caused to become stabilized.

Rabid with spite and greed, the Pavias bribed a court and caused JSC Joan Madden to, from the outset, issue kangaroo and biased decisions, ignoring the law, ignoring statutes and covering up the Pavias' corruption, perjury and the findings by six Dept of Buildings inspectors that the Pavia premises contained a hazardous and illegal greenhouse in Jim's apartment. Madden, denied motions to dismiss, made as Pavia's concocted claim of refusal of access was bogus and his claim of damage unsupported and perjury. Madden precluded all ECB court findings that the Pavias were perjurers and that their premises were found to be hazardous and Madden precluded and denied motions that the Pavia claim of Jim's letters were litigated in three other courts and thrown out.

Madden manipulated the rules of law, deprived material evidence and proof that the Pavias are fraudsters, that five DOB inspectors found the Pavia property hazardous and Madden targeted Jim Couri, who has collapsed in the court and removed by emergency services for cardiac surgery. Madden's court was an ambush, a set up and a series of kangaroo rulings to fulfill the Pavia contract to rob and expunge rent stabilization in their building and rob Jim Couri's rights, by greed and collusion, the trial record and the Madden con games in concert with the Pavias and Kenneth v Gomez is a disgrace.

Scamraiders has published a number of other undenied articles of this disgrace. Making matters worse is the fact that, out of spite, JSC Madden, misusing her judicial office, targeted Jim in other NY Courts because Jim found Madden out. So, as a spiteful retaliation, the black-robed-mob ganged up, as the conduct and rulings in the Siebert case have been likewise despicable and askew to the law, and to very injunctions imposed by the same court.

Corruption, bribery and manipulation of courts is not America. The federal government is now looking into the rampant misdeeds of local judges and corrupt lawyers who bribe and compromise courts for their and clients corrupt needs and in the process ruin lives for a pay-off and a bribe. George and Antonia Pavia are now well documented tax evaders, perjurers and fronts for mob figures, such as jail bird, money launderer Ted Kohl – we believe Kohl is still in prison.

The Pavias, who have recently enriched themselves with their ill-gotten gains, fashion themselves as elitists, but George was a run away member of the fascist party who came to America and made good by corruption, fronting for mob figures and corrupting courts. We have asked corkscrew George Pavia and his partner, Kenneth Gomez, and Antonia for denials, but all we get is their extortion, name calling and threats that caused Jim Couri to enter hospitals under assumed names for protection from these gangsters and sociopaths.

We at Scams Inc and Scamraiders have produced and published a plethora of documentary proof of George M. Pavia, Antonia Pavia, Kenneth V. Gomez perjury collusion corruption, bribery, perjury and fraud on the NY courts.

As yet, after over two years of this pimp front bag-man Gomez rantings by himself, yet no denials of our reports have been submitted by these scallywags. Our Terms of Use and Mission Statement outline the right to anyone we report on to present a denial and reply. As yet, all front Gomez can talk about is 40-year-old ancient history manipulated by Gomez to cover up the great value to law enforcement Jim Couri has been and the dozens of accolades awarded to Jim, including the Senatorial Medal of Freedom and many more.

Rather, bag man / nobody Gomez, pimping for crooks Pavias and Siebert, concocts self-serving lies and reports court decisions issued by JSC Madden, who was corrupted by the Pavias and well-documented by the paper trail of railroading decisions that themselves violate the law and statutes. Sadly, Madden has disgraced the honor and integrity of the judiciary for her own self interest ant for a corrupt, lying former fascist, George M. Pavia, and his conspirator / wife Antonia, along with bag man prat-boy Kenneth V. Gomez.

If our reporting is in any way incorrect herein or over the past two years of exposes of the Pavia/Siebert/Gomez/Burke corruption please advise our operations department with documents and we will review your claims. If your evidence confirms that any of our reports about any of you are incorrect we will print your reply and proofs but as yet you produce only soap-box fraud and no facts or proof other than rantings from Gomez and a corrupted judge who threw the law into the garbage to fulfill a back-room 'contract.' Take a look at Madden's decisions in the Pavia-Couri case, they are nonsense, transparent and a sham geared to deliver for a corrupt lying con-man George Pavia.

As federal Judge John Gleeson said, the selection of judges in the NY courts is a farce. It is worse than a farce, it is a disgrace and a house cleaning is mandated to remove the bad-eggs that are corrupting the many honest members of the judiciary.



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