More fraud, extorting and railroading

More fraud, extorting and railroading from trickster- sociopath Judge Paul Wooten of the New York Unified Courts in a deliberate and further scam of railroading of Jim Couri marks the Couri vs Siebert case as "trial-ready"--knowing that Jim is terminally ill, cannot travel and that Siebert has not submitted to any deposition, not produced records demanded and the bogus "note-of-issue' was vacated-Wooten displays arrogance, spite, greed and intentional bullyism, fraud and corruption not to mention that a related case 113512-08--Couri vs Siebert--- which was to be consolidated is far from trial ready

More illegal antics, violations of unified court rules, spite and corruption from JSC Paul Wooten---

JSC Wooten and clerk Rubio-----they say screw rules and note of issue mandates---screw disclosure and perjury--screw terminal illness---Wooten demands 'kangaroo justice' --let’s sand-bag a self-represented and have a lynching to rook $20million--------put the case illegally on the trial calendar-------law and rules be damned----- a-la-judge Wooten------

Scamraiders has just learned that trickster judge Wooten knowing that Jim Couri who can’t travel, is in California, has terminal cancer, underwent recent surgery and that no note of issue has been filed in the Couri vs Siebert case---marks the Couri vs Siebert case--107240/04--- trial ready------ yet another piece of evidence that Wooten has been compromised and is nothing more than a hired --hit-man--using his 'black-robes' to rob and plunder by fraud, deception and extortion-----

No case can be 'trial ready' without a bona fide note of issue filed and served on notice to the other side. A bogus note of issue was vacated by JSC Stallman on Oct 16, 2009 and thus no case in the unified court system is deemed 'trial ready' without an agreed-to and filed note of issue and certificate of readiness--------

Thus this trial ready maneuver by Wooten is a scam and an intentional ambush of Jim Couri yet again ------

Judge Wooten what about the proof produced of Sieberts perjury, spoliation, suppression of his thefts from Wellpoint Blue Cross in concert with his office manager Nelsa Garcia and Diane Kleiman-----

You must deal with the Siebert/Burke frauds on the court and failure to comply with the Heitler court-orders------

Burke's appeal was a willful scam and failed to inform in his record and brief that his motion and appeal was barred by the Beeler injunction and thus a fraud on the appellate division----

Burke intentionally secreted the 12-12-05 Beeler injunction from the appellate court--a crime--------

What about all of these Burke/Siebert crimes Judge Wooten?

We hear that Siebert's medical license may soon be subject to NY state hearings and be pulled---------

Just as Siebert was fired from 4 NYC hospitals for sex molestings and thefts of insurance moneys-------

And that Siebert, Garcia and Kleiman are in the cross-hairs of the federal authorities for perjury, and thefts of healthcare funds from WellPoint and others by falsifying medical records and thefts of millions from insurers including thefts by Siebert and Burke of legal fees by fraud and false filings to insurers------------

------yet more RICO and deprivation of justice by fraud/corruption engaged in by Siebert/Burke and others in concert with them aided by a collusive corrupted court---------all well documented----

Siebert has along with Burke engaged in fraud on the court and Mr. Couri ---not to mention their extortion-----

Judge Wooten your farcical new antic is another transparent scam to injure Jim Couri and aid in Siebert's crimes of perjury and healthcare insurance thefts and thefts of Jim's $20million--

Paul Wooten seems to desperately want a piece of Jim's $20 million---

And possibly has bargained for among other emoluments---- a free 'face-lift ' compliments of rogue pedophile/sex pervert Dr. Siebert---

And Wooten by his frauds and irresponsible acts scheming to rob freedom of press/speech----- wants to rape and plunder Scamraiders through Jim who long ago resigned-----

Why? Because Scamraiders has, with proof, exposed Wooten, Madden and others and the corruption and worse in the 'unified corrupt-house---aka Unified Courthouse, New York-------

Meanwhile Wooten knows that discovery orders ignored by Burke/Siebert going back to Feb 9, 2007 issued by JSC Heitler and Referee Bernard Fields, motion sequence #17---case 107240/04---

Ordering Burke and Siebert to produce all Jim Couri discovery demands and produce Siebert himself for deposition and Siebert's office manager Nelsa Garcia for deposition have not been accomplished as Siebert/Burke have bribed and flouted Field’s orders and refused to comply with disclosure----

Undaunted, bandit Wooten pushing his blubber around now wants to cram-down a kangaroo trial------

No matter that Jim is terminally ill and his documented discovery is not complete, illegal decisions rendered, fraud abounds, larceny and corruption----

And no note of issue filed legally------------cram down Wooten thumbs his nose at the rules of law, fair-play and the U.S. and NY Constitutions and judiciary rules and regulations-------not to mention Wooten’s blatant disregard for federal codes, and interstate frauds and thefts of due-process and worse--------

'Lone Ranger' Wooten rides again or maybe it's --'headless-horseman' Wooten rides again-------

Ostrich Wooten wants to murder Jim Couri by his extortion, threats and corruption----and in the process rob Jim’s money and constitutional rights------

Judge Wooten is a liar thief, a corrupt judge and a party to a massive RICO scam----we have the tape recordings that prove that Wooten belongs in jail with his part clerk Rubio along with the thieves that have bribed and tampered------

Judge Wooten, you ain’t getting immunity for interstate telephonic frauds robbing due process by corruption, lies and then tampering with supposed 'official court transcripts'--------

Let us not forget that we have all emails that establish that Burke bribed and tampered with thug- Referee Jack Suter and engaged in illegal ex parte emails with Suter who we have confirmed by independent investigation is a gambler, a thug, a corrupt referee and worse----this data from informants-----------

Jim also demanded on the taped supposed 'status-conference of 9-1-10 that the cases 107240/04 and 113512/08 be consolidated and that motion sequence #3 in 113512/08 made by Jim due to Siebert/Burke failure to comply with discovery demands be fairly decided.-----

Based on Jims motion sequence #40 in 107240/04 dated June 4,2009 demanding a forged note-of-issue filed and secreted by Burke be vacated---JSC Stallman in fact vacated the bogus/secreted by Burke--- note of issue in Dec 2009.----thus the case 107240/04 is far from ---trial ready--

And Wooten’s cram-down further proof of this corrupt judges plot to disenfranchise Jim from his rights and by extortion, and harassment rob Jim of his fragile health-----it seems Wooten wants Jim dead as he has turned a blind-eye to Siebert-Burke-Gomez-Pavia's threats, extortion, harassments and threats of murder----witnessed in the case of Pavia himself, Gomez and Siebert----------

Wooten is a despicable sociopath, bully and a disgrace to the rules of law-------

The primary issue of course is that Wooten has displayed a blatant disregard for the law and for Jim Couri's terminal illness and severe cardiac disease---all confirmed by doctors affirmations, hospital and medical records--

Jim cannot travel and is gravely physically ill and mentally disoriented due to the potent medications he must take for his illnesses---

Wooten knows that the disclosure is far from complete and that Jim was anxious to be evaluated by California specialists if there is and doubt as to the gravity of his illnesses-------

Undaunted and in contravention to orders of Referee Bernard Fields discovery is not complete, the related case Jim's motion as to yet more flouting of discovery by Siebert/Burke is not resolved and the cases eventually must be tried together------

But unless Jim recovers, how can he be forced to conduct any court proceeding while he is in treatment in California for cancer, heart disease, gastro-intestinal disorders and other complications-----

Meanwhile Wooten has failed to recuse himself and has displayed spite, bias, fraud, ambush of Jim over interstate phones and has exhibited a disdain for integrity, the law and justice----

Wooten has deprived Jim access to the courts and has exhibited acts of outright crimes of fraud over phone lines interstate and collusion with part clerk warren Rubio depriving Jim unfettered access to the courts by stonewalling the conditions of the Beeler injunction------

Wooten's acts reveal a judge who has been corrupted and who simply has no regard for the rules of law-----Wooten is plain and simple a fraud, a liar and a bully targeting a terminal self-represented plaintiff while trying to rob by acts of fraud, collusion and corruption $20million disgraced perjurer and health-care insurance thief sex vulture Dr. Siebert agreed to pay------stay tuned

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