Bill Luckett and Jim Couri
Celebrated attorney William "Bill" Luckett, a trailblazer for the great state of Mississippi takes the first step for a 2011 campaign run for Mississippi governor. Bill, a democrat, has formed Progress for Mississippi and is hand-picking a pre-campaign staff. The kick off was a reception of over one hundred supporters at Oliver Luckett's estate in the Hollywood Hills. (Oliver is CEO and co-founder of DigiSynd and Revver). Oliver and his partner, Rob Maigret, are geniuses at traffic analytics and internet packaging and marketing. Apparently Disney thought so, because they bought DigiSynd in 2008.
The host for Bill's campaign run was his long-time pal and business partner -- yes the same guy from Shawshank Redemption, Bucket List, Driving Miss Daisy, and the upcoming film about Nelson Mandella directed by Clint Eastwood titled Invictus. Morgan's presence in person is surprisingly more dynamic than on screen. Bill Luckett is a lucky guy to have such a great friend.

Bill is dedicated to move beyond politics as usual on "Old Miss" in order to build a new strong coalition for a brighter and more positive future for Mississippi. Go Get 'em Bill, Good Luck.

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