New York Governor-Elect Andrew Cuomo is going after the rampant corruption in New York, from Albany to Centre Street and the bad eggs at the Unified Courthouse

The Governor-Elect is (we hear from Scamraiders sources) taking very seriously the collusion, cronyism, fraud an corruption rampant in New York politics, courts and agencies. Scamraiders hopes that whatever task-force is launched by the Governor, that he and his agency works closely with the United States Department of Justice and the many federal special agents already working diligently putting the pieces together of the collusion, larceny, deception, bribery, corrupt state courthouses and crooked and corrupt lawyers who further contaminate the system and some active in a fragile yet greedy state judiciary. Who, for an illegal pay-off manipulate the rules of law and violate the public trust. Yes, there are many fine state judges but there are many who are not so fine and who undermine the system by acting in collusion to railroad legitimate citizens for illegal and corrupt back-room contracts. These rogues obstruct justice for their own self interests.

Yes, Boss Tweed is still alive and well and it is time for a full housecleaning and expose of those who violate the rules of law and the honor of public service and to bury the farcical cronyism, collusion and corruption contaminating the courts and ruining victims lives for a 'paper-bag full of cash'. We at Scamraiders believe that many black robes and the corrupt lawyer's in blue-suits will be turned in and exchanged for a jump-suit with a number on each of them. Here comes Mr. Clean.

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