New York state courts should change their name to the Unified Cheating System

New York state courts should (until they get rid of the few 'rotten apples' and 'bad eggs') change their name to the Unified Cheating System.

It’s not bad enough that administrative Judge Heitler spends more time at the beauty salon opining on her hair and lipstick while at the same time Ms. Heitler condones the corrupt bad eggs engaging in their own back-room fixes------- under Judge Heitler's her nose and she does zero. JSC Heitler's father is turning in his grave as we have learned that father of Sherry Klein------ was also a NYC judge----

Shame on you Judge Heitler!!!

Scams Inc/Scamraiders has been assembling for months detailed facts regarding the NY Unified Courthouse collusion, corruption, railroadings, ambushes, frauds, ex parte cronyism and worse.-----

Honest litigants, many self-represented, are being butchered of their rights by corrupt cheating bandits in black robes.

It is sad because there are many judges that are honest and desperately try to administer true justice. But there are a handful that are and have been corrupted and bribed by dishonest politicos, lawyers and litigants who fix cases and steal justice.

We at Scams Inc/Scamraiders can report that corruption in the Unified Courts is rampant and the crooked judges believe they are above the rules of law ----why? They have immunity------but this supposed immunity only goes a short way when bribery, RICO, willful larceny and courthouse corruption can be established.

We have been assembling a list of corrupt judges, referees, part clerks, and lawyers----------

Conducting, engaging, stimulating, and orchestrating court fixes in new york city , Westchester, Brooklyn, Nassau counties, and beyond in NY state----

In most instances we have assembled proof of tampering, perjured pleadings, preclusion of material proofs, spoliation, interferences, fraud, interstate frauds, outright lies, suppression of facts, hiding evidence, tampering with court transcripts,, fraud on litigants, ex parte communications, obstructing justice, flouting court orders, outright deception, condoning perjury and criminal conduct, and extortion, threats and worse.------

Our investigation continues.

The judges, referees, lawyers and litigants that we are convinced have engaged in or condoned corrupt conduct based upon our review of court files, interviews and other evidence, recordings, emails etc and review of the corrupt litigants who bribe, cheat, lie, extort and threaten and 'thumb their nose at honor, justice and fair-play'---

A corrupt public official is dangerous, vicious, rabid and spiteful---- so be careful---they will do anything to prevent being exposed because their corrupt income and illicit back-room 'business' from bribery, extortion and collusion, etc., will stop and their 'black-robes' will be converted into a jump-suit with numbers----------

The lists here are far from complete as our investigations are ongoing and informants are coming forward daily by email, phones, etc.

We want to be certain based on our evidence before we pose any names that the persons posted have displayed a plethora of clear and convincing evidence to confirm our findings that their actions and conduct has been improper, violative of laws, and probably illegal by taking laws into their own hands to railroad litigants by 'kangaroo-justice', fraud and collusion.----

Here are some of the 'bad-eggs' polluting the NY courts

Judges and former judges----Joan Madden and her clerk, Julia Cort, Joan Carey, Michael Stallman, Sherry K. Heitler, Sheila Abdus-Salaam, Paul Wooten,----more to come

Court referees----- Jack Suter, Leslie Lowenstein, Louis Crespo.

Lawyers----- George Pavia, Esq., Pavia Harcourt Esqs, Joseph M. Burke, Russo and Burke, Esqs, Jay Itkowitz, Esq, Itkowitz & Harwood, Esqs., Kenneth V. Gomez, Esq--- much more to come

Corrupt and perjuring litigants/witnesses--- John Siebert, M.D., Antonia Pavia, Julian Pavia, Philippa Pavia, Corrine Pulitzer, Tod Romano, Fatima Amir, Christopher Santulli----- much more to come

Part clerks----- Warren Rubio

stay tuned for more to come-----

The NY courthouse corruption, and corrupt lawyers who contaminate America’s justice system-- is sad for the many honest judges who put up with the crooked farcical cronyism of the other scallywag carpet-bagger greedy scoundrel judges and lying, thieving lawyers who ruin people’s lives for a bribe and illegal pay-day and who suborn perjury, condone extortion and threats-------

We will do our part to expose these bad-eggs and help get them removed from their rolls so that they cannot and will not ambush innocent litigants and ruin their lives for illegal 'pay-days'.

And we continue to welcome your emails and calls and letters about your horror stories in the unified and other courts-----------keep them coming-------

And of course we welcome any denials by any one named -----we will post all denials along with our rebuttals and or proofs----

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