John Siebert

George Pavia
Scamraiders is being extorted by John Siebert MD, Russo Burke, Ken Gomez Esq., Joe Burke Esq., and George Pavia Esq. who are desperately trying to thwart Free Speech to shroud their well documented crimes. In the process they are misusing NY Courts.

Because of Scamraiders’ exposing, through fact-based Reports, of the scams and swindles, corruption, and frauds engaged in by these persons, they are hijacking the New York Courts to attempt to seal public court files that reveal their illegal activities and gag Scamraiders. They are attempting to extort, bully and badger Jim Couri our Founder along with trying to shakedown

New York Supreme Courthouse

University of Wisconsin Hospital
Scamraiders to impede Freedom of Speech, Press, and Rules of Law in order to cover up their crimes and corruption. This conduct is also an effort by these conspirators to circumvent their consented-to Jurisdiction of Federal Court in Riverside California as users of the Site, since their “connections” are in the cesspool of the New York Courts, which has so far ignored the Law and favored these scam artists and turned a blind-eye to corruption. Scamraiders has nothing to do with and has no nexus to NY Courts.

Joe Burke

Kenneth Gomez
The on-going RICO style conspiracy of Siebert/Burke/Gomez/Pavia is a despicable use of and corruption of New York Courts to cover up bribery, tax evasion, perjury, fraud, and corruption. Much of this has been diligently Reported on Scamraiders and available for review. These con-men are extorting Jim further and filing alleged claims with New York Department of Justice. Why doesn’t the DOJ investigate these persons’ illegal activities. We also ask all to review a 2005 Decision rendered in a NY Court involving “Free Speech”, etc.

Scamraiders herewith provides the tape recordings of Informant’s phone calls to Scamraiders alleging Dr. John Siebert’s crimes, larceny, and even adultery. The Informant claims firsthand knowledge of Siebert’s illegal acts.
Scamraiders will continue to Report on this matter, based on factual detail and Documentary proof as it develops both in print and on its weekly interactive Radio Show, “Scamraiders on the Radio” which will commence in about two weeks.

Here is the actual voice of the Siebert Informant and the revelations disclosed.

US court ruled in favor of 'gripe website' owner

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