NY court corruption being placed under the federal government's microscope

NY court corruption being placed under the federal government's microscope-----the federal crimes, RICO collusion, bribery and thefts by bandit judges may soon be center stage in federal jurisdictions and the clandestine and brazen misuse of judicial power and the tampering, bribery and corruption that result in unjust enrichments via bribery, misuse of interstate instrumentalities, to commit fraud, thefts, extortion, money laundering ------

well the feds, the FBI and the DOJ may be anxious for an Empire State house cleaning and a full expose of the scallywags and bad eggs who have obtained their black robes by back-room deal-making and sell-outs to the old-boys regurgitated from the larceny of the clouds of Tammany Hall and the use of bribes and collusion to rob justice and the U.S. Constitution------take a look at the letters below



7-21-2011 Letter to JSC Wooten

Letter to JSC Paul Wooten

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