NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg seems to have gotten a small taste of what citizens have been victimized by for years in the NY Unified Court System

- bias, cronyism, farcical conduct, disdain for fair due process, disdain for the U.S. and NY constitutions and a flawed atrocious system.

Mr. Mayor Bloomberg, the flaws are not in the stars - they are in the persons. It is regrettable that NYC's fine mayor has to be confronted with the abuse of judicial authority, that has been the norm not the exceptions in the Unified Court System. Mr. Mayor, the system in the NY courts are little different than they were when Boss Tweed, Carmine DeSapio and John R. Crews held the bits in the mouths of NYC and Kings County's black-robed elite.

If anyone really believes in judicial independence, then we all should believe in the Tooth Fairy and Jimminy Crickett. The old-boys are alive and well . . .

Scamraiders does not know JSC Emily Jane Goodman or the case --- Davis v City of NY – Index#100702/11, but Mr. Mayor, Jonathan Lippman cant 'fix the system,' as the 'system' is more than flawed. Corruption and back-room deals are rampant, lawyers seek 'access' not 'justice' and many judges just don't give a damn.

If the mayor would like to be even more shocked with facts and case histories and the documented paper trails of trickster Unified Courthouse NY judges and referees, including current evidence of tampering, condoning repeated perjury and suborning perjury, collusion, spoliation by favored lawyers, suppression of evidence by judges, referees and the wanton deprivation of due process, prejudice, deception, bullyism and worse - and intentional and ignored fraud on the court by lawyers and their clients.

And if anyone thinks the appellate divisions in the NY State systems will unscramble the atrocious acts of these NY judges, think again. More often than not, you're going from the frying pan into the fire - a bad bet.

Scamraiders welcomes the opportunity to share these horrors with the mayor and we respectfully refer the mayor to Scamraiders archived multitudinous articles and exposes and related exhibits and proofs involving NY courts and related malfeasance, greed and deception.

If the mayor wants a true independent court, the selection process and the overseeing of the judges conduct and rulings must be implemented with open vetting and 'oversight' and not by cronies in back rooms or by governors who rely on minions who have their own 'fish to fry.'

Scamraiders has come upon a expose on these issues on the Frank Brady website - 'Expose Corrupt Courts'. A link to the article is posted below.

Sadly, Mayor Bloomberg possibly has gotten a taste of the ambushes, railroading, tampering and outrageous disdain for the rules of law and due process, which is far too prevalent in the courtrooms of the NY Unified Court System. It goes on every day . . .

It is more than sad, as NY citizens are the subject of outlaw lawyers and many, not all, are rogue-bad-egg judges who sadly lack the integrity, intelligence or morality to be in such a important roll of authority that effect the lives of many - even a fine and honest mayor.


Bloomberg Slams NYC Judge in Radio Interview

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