Pavia & Harcourt, Esqs. partner George Pavia, Esq. accused of bribery, extortion

Pavia & Harcourt, Esqs. partner George Pavia, Esq. accused of bribery, extortion, tax evasion, tampering with court officials, obstruction of justice, perjury, forgery, tax evasion fraud and being a front for crime figures and jail-birds

George m Pavia has been involved in a series of well documented schemes of bribery in a desperate plot to circumvent rent stabilization legally secured establishing that Pavia's 18 East 73 Street NYC building was subject to stabilization. Pavia and his wife Antonia embarked on a crusade of bribery of judges, collusion forgery, perjury and corrupt acts.

The Pavias were cited in ECB and DHCR and other court including article 78 proceedings as fraudsters, forgers and perjurers. They were specifically found by the NYC ECB Court that they tampered, lied and that their building 18 E 73 St., is hazardous and unfit. The Pavias and we have proof engaged in bribery, manipulating a judge, fraud on the judicial process, obstructing justice, threats, lewd and lascivious conduct, RICO, thefts, tax evasion, perjury, threats and extortion.

George Pavia a crazed sociopath and mentally imbalanced person as reported by George's mental doctor, Arnold Hutchneicker, has in the presence of witnesses, threatened Jim Couri, used thugs to extort Jim and others-

George Pavia using Pavia/Harcourt offices orchestrated Kenneth Gomez harassments thefts of Medicare funds, aided Dr. John Siebert in sex-molestings and narcotics abuses involving victim patients and resulting in firings of Siebert from 4 hospitals-

George Pavia has and continues to use and misuse Pavia and Harcourt, Esqs phones, emails, faxes, etc. to engage in his criminal enterprises of bribery, thefts, perjury, extortion and RICO conspiracy actions.

George Pavia, Esq. is and has been established as a corrupt lawyer who has contaminated the courts for his own self unjust finances. George is an undenied tax evader, an undenied extortionist and an undenied briber and thief-robbing justice by fraud and corrupt acts-

We find that Pavia and Harcourt has turned a blind eye and has condoned George Pavia's larceny and criminal RICO activities.

Pavia and Harcourt better take a good hard look at the criminal acts of George and his thugs on their facilities as they look like coconspirators allowing mafia thug front George Pavia's misuse of their office to engage in George's criminal enterprises-stay tuned-

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