Pavia, Gomez, Burke, Siebert have bribed, corrupted, tampered and polluted

George Pavia, Esq., Joseph M. Burke, Esq., Russo & Burke, Esqs., Kenneth V Gomez, Esq., John Siebert, M.D., individually and in concert have bribed, corrupted, tampered with and polluted the rules of law in the Unified Courthouse in New York - Office of Court Administration (OCA) ethics committee has public officials, including judges at the Unified Court, all supposed financial reporting of the assets, liabilities income, etc. of judges---

Enough said for now, but money and assets come from somewhere including spending and standards of living----after taxes---and mob front George Pavia and his wife Antonia have off-shore gambling interests for more unsavory characters involved in. As far as USA is concerned, an illegal enterprise - George is a corrupt perjurer, extortionist and forger---stay tuned.

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