George Pavia , Esq., what does he have in common with disgraced Anthony Weiner, congressman, and vulture Dr. John Siebert and pimp-extortionist supposed lawyer Kenneth V. Gomez? They all are sick, demented sex perverts who, like alcoholics and narcissists, use sex as a form of control of victims and to stoke perverted sex desires and worse.

Scamraiders has been investigating the long paper trail of the demented and perverted acts of Pavia, Siebert and Gomez. We have reviewed court records, interviewed their victims, and many of the individuals who have been sexually abused by these sociopaths.

George Pavia for years has engaged in admitted lewd acts, including wandering the public halls of his brownstone in a bathrobe -- otherwise nude, exposing his genitals to tenants. Pavia also was witnessed engaging in lewd acts with a 'gay' decorator that George rented a one room apartment to. It seems by the evidence that George suffers from sexual perversions along with the delusional disorders that his mental Dr. Arnold Hutchneicker reported about George long ago. George has also threatened, and assaulted due to his mental disorders and polluted mind.

George testifies that he only wanders the public halls looking for his newspaper but has no logical response as to why he is otherwise nude and that his genitals and penis are exposed and displayed to innocent tenants. George is a pervert and no less deranged as was Captain Queeg of the film The Cain Mutiny.

Gomez has been reported by witnesses to have engaged in public lewd acts and phone sex, as reported by Ms. Rachel and her friends, who all saw Gomez engage in public masturbation and thereafter engage in threats and extortion of Rachel, who provided documents reporting Gomez acts and referring to him as an ‘asshole.'

Dr. John Siebert is a well-documented sex pervert, attacking and molesting many patients, including Muriel Karas, Linda M., Diane Kleiman, Ms. Rachel and others who choose to not yet go public. Siebert has been fired from 4 hospitals for his reported sex abuses and molesting of many patients, phone sex and sex in public places with Diane Kleiman as she reported in an eight page affidavit. Siebert is also a reported pedophile, as per Ms. Rachel and others.

Meanwhile, Joseph M. Burke , Esq. has misused the courts, violated an injunction, suborned Siebert's perjury, aided Gomez in rampant fraud on the courts, tampering and bribery engaged in by them Siebert and George and Antonia Pavia.

Scamraiders and Scams Inc will continue to investigate and report on the crimes and corruption engaged in by these desperados and post the ever-growing evidence of RICO and other despicable acts by these thieves and perverts who have ruined the lives of honest citizens so that they can continue their larceny and deranged sex abuses and lewd acts.

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