New gadgetry is hard to resist-- but how well do these clever inventions work as seen on TV? First consider just how expensive it is to put together a television infomercial or advertisement. This includes the cost for the “pitch man”. One of the best recently passed away, Billy Mays, who could sell “manure in canvas bags”.

When you see one of those tempting products for $19.95, remember there ain’t no bargains. The best criteria we could find out for the potential profit of TV products is about five-fold. That equates as follows--if any product is priced at let’s say $19.95, the sponsor’s cost cannot be more then $4. Add to this the “shipping & handling” plus sales tax, which can add another $8 to $10 bucks to your purchase. Usually the quality of these products and their function are shown in quick flashes on your “tube” along with fast-talking promises of making your life easier/better, and we get dazzled and enticed and pick up the phone and charge the product to our Visa card.

On any given day there are hundreds of products thrust upon us-- from dryer balls, grills, dusters, choppers, slicers, tummy-trimmers, pet brushes, and on and on. Many are scams and some actually work, but how do we know before we buy?

Scamraiders has decided to inaugurate Once a week we will report on our investigation and testing of a specific product and we will provide you with the following:

1. The offer

2. The trial

3. The bottom line

4. The details

Scamraiders hopes that this new Service will assist all in being sure, as best as we can, not to get lured into turning over our hard earned cash to buy scam products. Keep in mind, “there are no free lunches” and “if it is too good to be true---it is--always!”

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