Pimp Kenneth V. Gomez, Esq. is at it again

-- being wound up to commence a new round of self-serving extortion of name calling and bad-mouthing Jim Couri in the hope of shrouding his client Dr. John Siebert's documented sociopath sex rapes of victims and Siebert's thefts of healthcare insurance funds. Gomez continues his soap-box of a one man bandwagon harassing Jim Couri.

Gomez has been accused by Siebert's sex victims of threats, harassment and extortion. Gomez is a desperate dead-beat lawyer who has engaged in perjury, fraud and corruption all undenied. Now Gomez is at it again interfering into Jim's healthcare, personal and business life. We at scams inc and Scamraiders will continue to report on Gomez and his cohorts and produce proof of their harassment, sex abuses, extortion and collusion. We have asked Gomez, Siebert and any one else we expose and report on to produce any denials or proof of any allegation but as yet no proof of any denial or Gomez smokescreen extortion of Jim Couri has been produced. Mr. Gomez if you continue to harass us or Jim Couri you will be sued along with Siebert, Burke, Pavia and all in concert with you. We are aware that you are a 'dead-beat' but you can not continue to proffer baseless lies to cover-up your and your cohorts corrupt acts. Siebert is a disgrace to the medical profession and that is why he was fired from 3 or 4 NYC hospitals for sex abuses, malpractice and other illegal acts. Can you deny this? Can you deny Siebert's healthcare thefts? Can you deny your perjury? Can you deny Siebert's fraud on the courts and violation of a injunction? And can you deny the Pavia's tax evasion, and corruption? So far your response is concoct the forged ancient history manipulated to set-up Jim Couri and besmirch him without any basis on fact and without a single person coming forward supporting your lies and deceptions about anything you allege about Jim or anything else. You have not denied your attempted shake-down, and extortion and sex abuses of ms. Rachel and your visit to 'Smokin-Hot-Waitresses'?

The girls have a lot to say about you and Siebert's demented sex acts and abuses---what do you say about this Mr. Gomez? Now you should mind your business as you are a desperate corrupt swindler and we have documented all of this including documented Siebert and Pavia's sociopath acts, perjury, corruption and extortion---simply you are a joke who gets his jolly’s off by abusing women, shaking down victims and threatening and extorting by fabricating and secreting documents--you and Joseph M. Burke have done a great job for Siebert who now is an exposed sex offender, a exposed rapist of victim-patients, a sociopath and a healthcare thief fired from 4 hospitals and evicted from 4 medical offices---Siebert is now established as a disgraced doctor and a sex offender truly worse than d. Strauss-Kahn---and evidence from Siebert's victims prove the charges----where is any of your proof of your nonsense abusive attacks on Mr. Jim Couri a terminally ill cancer victim?---

Gomez you are a transparent disgrace and a sex-pervert yourself as reported to us by 'Smokin-Hot- Waitresses' and Ms. Rachel and her 'room-mates' where you appeared, threatened, extorted and masturbated in their presence---hardly the acts of a savory legitimate member of the NY law-bar--or possibly you belong behind-bars along with sociopath Dr. John Siebert---we are anxiously waiting for your denials that have not been made by you for 2 years of your one-man soap-box of attempted railroading and ambushes

By the way, Mr. Gomez - why not encourage sociopath Dr. John W. Siebert to pay Jim Couri all of the unconditional notes and guarantees he signed with the advice of his lawyers that exceed more than $20,000,000.00, and that Siebert guaranteed and promised to pay and repeatedly defaulted while at the same time swindler Dr. John Siebert was defrauding banks, courts and creditors Jim Couri, Ben Ossman, Richard Jacobs, Mrs. Chris Zimmerman and the Internal Revenue Services, Diane Kleiman, Muriel Karas, Linda M., and Ms. Rachel, not to mention Brunswick School, NYU-Langone, Lenox Hill, Manhattan Eye and Ear hospitals and four landlords who evicted Siebert----all well documented--- Dr. Siebert is on the run cheating creditors, his wife, kids, associates, hospitals, banks, patients, courts and any one else who has the misfortune to come in contact with thief-sex vulture Siebert and his thug lawyers - Gomez, Burke and Pavia.

Records and facts don't lie Mr. Gomez does - he is just another sociopath.

Siebert swindled Jim Couri, ruined a lucrative business and defrauded many. Siebert is a documented thief and con artist. So Mr. Gomez, stop your transparent pimping and smokescreens.

It is time to pay-up and shut-up - take a look.

Kenneth V. Gomez, Esq. is a self styled lawyer who has been proved to be a sex pervert as sworn to by Ms. Rachel who says that Gomez extorted and threatened her to 'keep quiet' about Siebert's sex acts, pedophilia and demented sex habits. Gomez according to Rachel was while intimidating her and her room-mates masturbating in his pocket.

Kenneth V. Gomez and his pal Dr. John Siebert are preeminent examples of failures, sociopaths and sex perverts, all well documented by affidavits from victims, hospital firings, evictions, healthcare thefts, and courthouse current records of suits against Siebert and charges against Gomez who occupies a closet office with Joseph M. Burke.

Kenneth v. Gomez talks with a forked tongue no better than a male prostitute.

We note Mr. Gomez recent - psychological and mental analysis seems to be a report of himself, George Pavia and of Dr. John Siebert, who in fact told his victims that he needs and desires feeling that he is 'a God' in remaking his victims. Possibly Gomez should review the medical records of Dr. Arnold Hutcthneicker, George Pavia's mental doctor and then review 'sociopath' for evidence of his and his cohorts mental disorders. These sickos are pure sociopaths and very sick-mentally deranged narcissists.

One can only ask why would a broke dead-beat ambulance-chasing part-time lawyer--Kenneth V. Gomez, who met Jim Couri once would be the only person bad mouthing Jim.

Jim has received accolades from presidents, the us senate, congress, was a recipient of the Medal of Freedom---yet this pimp without a single other person coming forward supporting Gomez fabrications and manipulated ancient history continues his scam attempted desperation to cover-up Gomez and his cohorts well documented crimes, sex abuses, tax evasion, perjury and corruption.

Mr. Gomez, you are an incompetent lawyer, a poor shake-down artist and you are not a mental doctor. So unless you have any current and documented evidence of your carpet-bagging claims why not get a legitimate job and try and do something worthwhile and stop trying to ruin persons lives by aiding a sick, demented sociopath sex vulture, Dr. John Weston Siebert.

Please review the exhibits re sociopath disorders as they relate to Mr. Gomez, Dr. Siebert, and George Pavia, posted at end of this article when posted on our homepage pm today.

Have you no shame Mr. Kenneth V. Gomez?

Facts don't lie, Gomez - people do.

Mr. Gomez - why not 'put-up or shut-up' and stop your extortion and harassing and interfering into Ms. Rachel and her friends, seeking sex and phone sex along with Dr. Siebert and stop harassing Jim Couri, his doctors and others. You are a documented fraud, a perjurer and a accused extortionist.

You and your carpet-bagger allies are in a goldfish bowl -

Antisocial Personality Disorder

Profile of the Sociopath

Call Girl Rachel Letter

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