Kenneth V. Gomez, Esq.
Thug Kenneth Gomez Esq. is at it again-- lying, cheating and extorting Jim; all in a desperate attempt to divert attention away from Gomez and his co-conspirators’ well-documented crimes and wrongdoings. Kenneth Gomez, a partner and front-man for Russo Burke Esqs., John W. Siebert MD and George Pavia Esq., rambles on with smokescreen character assassination about Jim and Scamraiders, but has no evidence against the thoroughly memorialized reports Scamraiders has presented showing that Ken Gomez is a perjurer, criminal and hired pimp/thug for these cowards, who hide behind Gomez.
Though Jim is ill with cancer and convalescing from serious thorasic surgery, he has provided Scamraiders with details about his legal battle with what he calls this “den-of-thieves”. A review of the Gomez/Pavia/Burke/Siebert activities points clearly to Courthouse collusion, a series of illegal manipulations, probable bribery, spoliation, and the corruption of Jim’s Civil Rights. Sadly, this seems to be a pattern that is permitted in the New York Supreme Court. Jim is determined to continue to expose these unethical practices.

George Pavia, Esq.
Part of the illegal activities perpetuated by Burke/Siebert/Pavia/Gomez is to simply lie when the truth doesn’t benefit their conspiracy. It is first worthy of note that George Pavia welcomed Jim as a tenant in his building at 18 East 73rd Street NYC in 1996 after George conducted an elaborate credit and social inquiry into Jim’s background. Only after Jim sought and obtained Rent Stabilized status of Pavia’s building did this swindler-con man turn on Jim. Before this, George was calling Jim daily.
John Siebert, M.D.
1. When Jim produced his Tax Returns in May 2006 via the IRS and NYS Tax Department directly to the Court and directly to Justice Stallman (with bank accounts as well), a Court reporter was present and transcript is available through the Court-- Joe Burke Esq. removed Jim’s Tax Returns, etc., from the Court, in the presence of a Court Referee and provided a Receipt. Obviously, since all of these Tax Returns where proper and Burke could find no wrongdoing, Burke’s typical tactic of cheating and extortion is again employed. Now Gomez lies in contravention to his partner Burke’s acts and concocts another phony tall tale. One can see the Stallman Court Order confirming Jim’s full production in May 2008, in Case # 107240-2004 ‘Couri vs Siebert, et-al.’
2. Kenneth Gomez also falsely claims that Jim did not produce Jim’s medical records. This again is another lie. All of Jim’s medical records have been evidenced to no less than five Judges (ie: Madden, Stallman, Gammerman, Beeler, Heitler) and four referees (Crespo, Fields, Lowenstein, Suter); Attorney Gomez received two boxes full of subpoenaed Records from Columbia Presbyterian Hospital as well.

3. Thugs Kenneth Gomez/ Joe Burke have harassed Jim’s doctors and hospitals from New York to California, requiring Jim to enter UCLA Hospital under an assumed name.

4. Gomez refers to JSC Madden to bolster his fabrications. Judge Joan Madden, by virtue of the Documents in evidence, was corrupted and compromised by Pavia/Gomez-- also undenied.

Judge Charles Brieant
5. Further, because this “Gang” of conspirators have no basis for their claims against Jim, they resort to publishing a twenty-three year-old letter purported to be from Jim’s mother in their despicable game of trying to discredit Jim’s reputation. If this Mother Couri document were valid and Jim’s Mother’s thoughts were true and accurate, and assuming she was of sound-mind, which she was not, at the very same time this document was supposedly signed, Jim was seeking sole-custody of his seven-year-old daughter in the White Plains New York Courthouse.
Judge Sondra Miller
Mother Couri surely would have immediately come forward to protect her only granddaughter from this supposedly awful terrible Jim. Rather, Judge Sandra Miller, who was administering the Custody Case, and after Jim was extensively mentally evaluated, awarded Jim Sole and Separate Custody by the Court and consented-to by his then wife. Today, Jim’s daughter is a successfully art dealer after graduating college and obtaining her Masters Degree, both with honors. The misuse of a twenty-three plus year old forged document reveals these swindlers’ desperation. Jim also discloses that his Mother and Dad, whom Jim supported for years, had some very serious problems. Jim’s brother John, who was expelled from Brunswick Prep School in Connecticut for stealing and cheating, perpetuated some irregular acts in later years to Jim’s dismay which were revealed in a Federal Court Case at the very same time Mother Couri’s Document was supposedly signed. This Mother Couri Document was rejected by Federal Judge Charles Briant as ‘bogus’. The Court demanded Mother Couri appear---she did not. Finally, and the record will show that it was Parker Chapin Esqs, Lawyers for Jim’s brother, who asked that the file be sealed. Jim opposed and Judge Briant told John Couri----“Sir not on your life, this file stays open for anyone”.
Mr. Gomez, your lies and that of your Pals---Pavia, Burke and Siebert-- are transparent.

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