Letter came in mail dated August 28th 2009.

Stated, winning final notification-- pleased to inform you you are one of the winners of a shoppers sweepstakes held on July 15th 2009 (created excitiment)

second and final attempt to contact you about this winning of funds entitled to you for amount of 125,000.00 us dollars from a total prize money of 5 million us dollars that was shared among 40 other declared winners seclected from a random computer drawing. (created urgency and involvment)

along with this letter it provided a claim number that was assigned to their north american claims affillate, and a check for the amount of 4996.00 with my wife's full name on it.
*** to expedite this, taxes must first be paid in the amount of (2997.00) *** western union or moneygram.( here is the scam amount.)

NO SUCH PLACE.... international claims department 112 bloor st downsview on m3m 2l2
phone number on letter 1-647-836-9518 a cell phone out of Toronto Ohio beloning to a Nicole Armstrong (maybe)

my wife and i did not follow threw with this and i hope no one else will either. i pray this person or persons will be set up and caught sooner than later.

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Comment by leonard coleman on September 10, 2009 at 5:17am
Thank you for this web site, Scamradiers staff- and all who reads this blog, i feel awareness and knowledge is impowerment.
Comment by Scamraider on September 9, 2009 at 4:39pm
Thank you, thank you and thank you again for posting this warning, Leonard! We've seen some truly unfortunate people fall for this scam and have no recourse to have their money returned.

Scamraiders, look out! There's no such thing as free money -- especially if it comes to you unsolicited!

Scamradiers Staff

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