If you or your kid gets caught up in any criminal matter--- get a GOOD lawyer-- fast. There are lots of so-called criminal lawyers out there, but many are incompetent and just plain lousy. Typically, when police and prosecutors are involved, you’ll find yourself tethered in a web. Sadly, many lawyers are ready to take advantage of your plight and bleed you dry. Be careful. Try to select a lawyer who you have carefully spoken to, and have confidence in--- not out of the yellow pages.

If you can’t afford a lawyer, then you will be appointed a Public Defender. Like private attorneys there are many Public Defenders that are incompetent and lazy; but there are many who truly want to help low income people and to keep them out of the jails. Unfortunately, Public Defenders have tremendous caseloads, about triple any private attorney handles. Also, Public Defenders have limited resources, so you will not be getting the best defense in your case. These Public Defenders have no money to hire investigators or expert witnesses, and they cannot give your case the attention it may require. You must sell yourself to your Public Defender; make a serious impression and show you want to win, and that you will do everything to help your cause. Never ever drink before going to Court and always be polite to everyone. Most important---help with your casework. After all, it’s your case, your life and your liberty. Gather and write out all details---witnesses, timelines, diagrams, and all the evidence; in particular the police reports. Generally police reports contain errors or omissions. Scrutinize them carefully, look for mistakes that you can establish are inaccurate. Remember, the police are very busy, they write-up many reports, and thus errors do occur. No one knows the facts better than you; speak up and document everything. Also keep in mind that your lawyer or Public Defender is only as good as the evidence and proof that you provide to them. Become your own best advocate.

Remember, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”. Don’t waste precious time and energy feeling sorry for yourself. Take an active role in fighting for your rights, liberty and

Ronald L. Kuby
reputation. Finally, please do not fault the Public Defenders---they are overworked and under-paid. If you can--- beg and borrow and hire a really good and dedicated criminal lawyer. The best one Scamraiders knows, if you are in New York City, who is fair, honest and super-smart, is Ronald L. Kuby Esq. He is listed in Scamraiders “Picks and Pans” and Ron is available if you’re in a jam, 24-7. (And remember, Scamraiders does not and cannot render legal advice.) Helpful Links:
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