Rampant corruption exposed in New York Courts --

Many New York court victims are coming forward regarding abuse, collusion and corruption ongoing in the Unified Court system, naming names of judges and court referees.

Here is a current email Scamraiders has received - one of many involving referee Jack Suter.

We have redacted the name of the victim for their safety.

"How can I get in touch with the Federal Authorities Investigating the corruption involving Jack Donald Suter.I will post my story that will prove Jack Donald Suter railroaded plenty of people and I'm sure with your help what he did to my Family will make the papers and hopefully the news.i have proof of everything he did to.Thank you again.We need Justice in The New York City Courts not Corruption.Please don't post my screen name because his family knows it. When I'm with the Authorities, I will post what he did to my family on your blog.Thank you so much for having this blog."

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