Referee Jack Suter, who was corrupted by Joseph M. Burke in Couri v Siebert is at it again.

He conspired with Burke, he abused Jim over the phone & he is now accused by lawyers in case before JSC Schulman for being abusive & threatening

Referee Jack Suter was caught 'red-handed' conspiring with John Siebert's lawyer, Joe Burke via ex parte emails to rob Jim Couri of his claims. Suter's appointment was post-note & illegal, as all disclosure was barred. Burke had himself secreted the filed note of issue & allowed illegal acts of Suter to continue, proving that Burke orchestrated acts of fraud, tampering & corruption with the aid of Referee Jack Suter.

Yet Suter, knowing his conduct was illegal, continued to email Burke, knowing Jim was in hospital in California, & Suter's emails were corrupt. Suter, in these emails, solicited Burke to write illegal orders for him to allow Siebert/Burke to obtain a fraudulent $7 million judgment against Jim in favor of Siebert for supposed non-compliance with discovery that both Burke & Suter knew was barred by virtue of the Burke-secreted & filed note of issue.

This is conspiracy & fraud in 'living-color. All such acts were criminal & in violation of Suter's role, even if his appointment was not illegal. The Unified Court System has turned their back on these crimes because corruption, bribery & frauds are alive & well in these NY courts. Suter also threatened Jim over the phone.

Suter is a liar & a disgrace, yet the Unified Courts turn their back on corruption, bribery & tampering. Fortunately, Jim found out about Suter's frauds & was able to vacate his & Burke's illegal order. We at Scamraiders have all these emails & we have published them - as yet, the Unified Courts cover up these acts, which are criminal & willful violations of the rights to due process.

Now, we learn that defense counsel in Consolidated Sewing vs Sanford, et al have accused Referee Jack Suter for engaging in abusive & threatening conduct while supposedly 'supervising disclosure'. Jack Suter is a abusive liar who has exhibited inhuman, wanton & illegal conduct & lied about it

SEE: CONS SEWING VS SANFORD, ET-AL--2008NY SLIP OP 50715(U) 119 MISC 3D 1114(A) re: Referee Jack Suter's abusive acts, possibly soon all of this abuse, harassment & corruption will be explored in a real court & federal agencies----see Scamraiders for rewards.

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