Referee Louis Crespo
Why should there not be an independent New York City investigation into the events of 9/11? Heck, it happened on New York City turf.
9/11 was the most horrific attack on our Country in its history, running neck and neck with Pearl Harbor. Thousands of innocent citizens perished, not to mention our heroic Fire Fighters, Police and numerous others providing services, who desperately tried to save lives. Meanwhile, communications broke down, it seems City systems failed, as fire fighters and others became isolated and were unable to contact their base or other help. All of this, plus the aftermath of health issues our heroes are suffering from due to the inhalation of asbestos and who know what. Isn’t the City interested in trying to learn how and what happened here?

Why should the City hide behind the skirts of the Federal Government’s Report on the 9/11 attack? This dastardly act targeted New York City, its citizens and its illustrious fire fighting, police and other City services; tragically victimizing families and loved ones. After eight years it is literally unbelievable that NYC has done zero to find out some answers. Hopefully Judge Lehner will set aside New York Supreme Court Referee Crespo’s “Report & Recommendation” which advises the Court that we “forget about it” and deny the Petition. The Petition to seek answers and hopefully the literal truth must be permitted to go forward and be submitted to voters on Election Day, November 3, 2009.

Scamraiders calls attention to our Articles written about some of the other curiously biased reports and acts of Referee Crespo, which seem to bolster the bizarre reporting by Mr. Crespo here.

It’s important, in fact imperative, that we all learn as much as we can as to what really happened and why, on 9/11. Pushing it aside and ignoring it won’t help to insure that it doesn’t happen again. If New York City systems failed, we need to know exactly why and what to correct for the benefit of all Cities, all Firefighters, all Police, and all affiliated Services, in America and the World.

Referee Crespo please stop putting your head in the sand as you are not an ostrich, you are a Court Referee, and thusly be assured every one can see you.

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