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When a Judge is “too busy” doing other things, he or she will appoint one of a number of Court Referees to “hear and report” to the Judge on the issues in question in a contested court case. In the New York Unified Court System, there are about a dozen Referees and a few “Special Referees”. Although we have inquired, as yet we haven’t found out how a Special Referee becomes a part of the Unified Courts. It appears most all Referees are “appointed”, by who, we have no specific answer. Their qualifications mostly seem to be a secret.

As revealed to Scamraiders and the paper trail confirms, there is a pattern of suspect, improper, and underhanded conduct perpetuated by some of these Special and other Referees. Documents obtained from the Court Clerk files reveals negligence, incompetence, compromise, bias, malice, ex-partie activity, overreaching, threats, and acts of obstruction of justice. Even more curious is the apparent willingness of many of the Judges to ignore the documented acts of impropriety by these Referees perpetuated to the detriment of litigants. Making matters worse, these Referees more often then not push their weight around, abuse litigants and the law, and over-step their positions and authority.
Referee Louis Crespo
They are also frequently manipulated and compromised by certain lawyers who are anxious to cheat an adversary. We’ve retrieved and taken the time do a thorough examination of the Court files which point to the impropriety engaged in by various of these Referees referred to here. Some of the evidence also includes systematic and repeated ex-partie conspiring by a Referee working in concert with an adversary lawyer to rob a litigant of his claims and of due process, including the writings of bogus and fraudulent orders by a Referee who allowed his writings and supposed Order to be literally dictated by the adversary lawyer. On top of this, the Referee went well beyond his Statutory authority and far beyond the purview of any Referee’s power. In fact this conspiracy is probably criminal. Unbelievably, this conduct has been continually and steadfastly ignored by the Judge who appointed the Referee. These examples are a smattering of the horrible situation ongoing in the Unified Courts. Our Courts are supposed to administer fair, and unbiased justice. We, the citizens, are victims of rampant, flagrant misuse and abuse of our courts. Remember these Judges and Referees are supposed to be “public servants” serving the public good, not dictators appointed to manipulate justice to curry favor. As they say, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.
It is important to note that there are a number of responsible Referees that do try to abide by the laws and rules. Let’s hope they do not end like Detective Serpico, where the honest cop didn’t last long in the “System”. This expose is far from over, check back.

One can only wonder whether or not some of these referees are installed in these critical positions by members of the "old boy's club" and are thus beholden to a "puppeteer." Jim wonders why referee Louis Crespo would mislead and misstate facts that are well-documented to the contrary. Jim also wonders how referee Crespo would conduct a "kangaroo hearing" and in the process not only deprive Jim of his witnesses, and his full, unfettered "day in court" but why would he also fail to honestly disclose all of the documents that Jim provided him? Is it possible referee Crespo was and is retaliating because Jim sought and obtained his removal? Documents reveal that referee Crespo deprived Jim of legitimate due process. We will investigate this matter and report all of our findings.

Opposition to Referee Crespo's Contempt Hearing

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