If you’re looking for a friend, you won’t find one at your Bank

As we all know, Banks are in business to make money. Up to now, they have done a lousy job of
that, so our tax dollars are currently giving them an inflated life-preserver; but it has a hole in it. No problem - -the US of A will use our tax dollars to again give the Banks another “safety net”.

“Too big to fail?” --- probably yes, so now these keepers of our money are charging us for anything and everything. This year Banks will collect over $300 Billion- Nationwide- just in overdraft fees, and heaven knows how much they are “skimming” for credit card charges that we can’t figure out. Banks are desperate, so they are raising credit card rates, cutting limits, and hiking minimum payments. Is this just the beginning? YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT! Keep your life simple. Don’t owe these Banks money; pay your credit cards and put them in a hard-to-get-at place, and use them only in a dire emergency, if at all. Finally, watch the Banks like a hawk, they could be another ‘Titanic’ -- that may inevitably sink one way or the other.

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