Russo & Burke, Esqs, Jospeh M. Burke, Esq, caught corrupting and compromising special referee Jack Suter

Russo & Burke, Esqs, Jospeh M. Burke, Esq, caught corrupting and compromising special referee Jack Suter of the Unified Court System to steal Jim Couri's causes of actions against John W. Siebert, M.D.

Joe Burke, while secreting the existence of a filed (March 22, 2006) note of issue & certificate of readiness, recruited special referee Jack Suter (appointed by Michael Stallman in Feb 2008) to supervise and administer disclosure in case Jim Couri v. John Siebert el al Index 107240/04. Notwithstanding the Suter Appointment and any further disclosure was barred & precluded by virtue of the filed note of issue.

Burke stood silent and began his dirty work in ex-parte emails to Suter conspiring to deprive Jim Couri of his claims and due process.

These acts culminated in Sept 2008 when, although disclosure was barred, Suter's appointment was opposed by Jim Couri for threats over the phone and Jim was hospitalized in California. Burke & Suter stewed. On or about Sept 20, 2008, Burke wrote an order for Suter, ex parte, by email setting out that Jim was to be precluded and all claims decided in favor of Siebert. Although the order was beyond Suter's appointed roll, Suter wrote the order and filed it. Had it not been for Jim's prompt opposition, a judgment could have been rendered against him for $7 million (Siebert's Bogus Court Claims).

All the while, the entire exercise was barred by virtue of the filed note of issue, only known to Burke, who was fully engaged in fraud and manipulation of Suter for illegal gain. Suter & Burke engaged in illegal acts, violations of court rules and attempted theft of Couri's claims violating a filed note of issue, ex parte communication and filing of orders that were illegal and barred. Russo & Burke and Jospeh M. Burke's acts appear to be violations of court rules, civil procedure and penal codes

Motion including phone transcript of Suter's threats to Couri

Emails showing ex-parte communication between Burke & Suter

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