Russo and Burke, Esqs, Joe Burke, Kenneth Gomez lie, harass, intimidate and extort Gannett Newspapers and The Desert Sun

A last gasp scheme to discredit Jim Couri and Scamraiders to cover up undenied criminal sex, narcotics abuse by Dr. John Siebert and his forgery and thefts from fraud on Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Joe Burke
Burke, Gomez, and Siebert are hysterical, as their corruption, bribery, fraud on the New York courts, tampering, suppression of evidence, perjury, suborning of perjury has caught up with them. In response to a article written about Scamraiders and Jim Couri in The Desert Sun on Sunday, July 18, 2010, these lawyer-thug-extortionists have commenced another of their propaganda soapbox attacks, bad-mouthing Jim and Scamraiders with lies, and manipulations of ancient history in order to cover up their crimes that Scamraiders have documented.

These fraudsters fail to reveal that they do not deny the reports made by Scamraiders about Siebert. They have not denied that Siebert was fired by NYU Medical Center, is under investigation by New York State Department of Health and that Siebert defrauded Empire BC/BS. Rather, Burke and Gomez concoct lies and claim that Jim is bound by a gag order in NY courts that Burke himself signed in 2005.

Dr. John Siebert
Burke fails to reveal that the gag order he falsely claims to rely on was issued in 2005 by a Judge Beeler, who has long ago resigned from the court, and that this gag order was litigated by Siebert/Burke three times and three times they either were engaged in perjury and fraud at a hearings or their claim was rejected by the court.

Yet the 'forum-shop' conning judges with lies and fraud. This time it's JSC Wooten who is the recently conned. New York court has no jurisdiction over Scamraiders over an order it is not a party to and an order that we litigated before another judge and rejected and an order that Siebert/Burke have not followed the terms and conditions of.

The first scam regarding the gag order – that Siebert committed perjury over 100 times, lying about his reputation, the NYU investigations into his sex and narcotic abuses of patients and NY state investigations that Siebert, by perjury, tried to suppress. Burke, complicit in Siebert's perjury, was present and condoned Siebert's fraud on Jim and the court.

This conduct is now before the NY court, seeking harsh redress and criminal referrals.

Kenneth Gomez, Esq.
The next attempt to misuse this 2005 gag order was when Burke submitted the document to Google, falsely claiming Scamraiders is bound by it. In 2005, Scamraiders was not existing and is not a party to the gag order. Google rejected Burke's scam and fraud on them.

Then, in October 2009, Burke/Siebert made a motion before JSC Michael Stallman, seeking to gag Jim and Scamraiders. Jim opposed the motion, showing the court that Scamraiders is a California company and that the 'the terms of use,' as published in Scamraiders sites, clearly state that any disputes, etc., must be resolved under California jurisdiction in federal court in Riverside, CA. Burke, Gomez and Siebert are frequent and documented users of Scamraiders and Network and other Scamraider sites.

Jim also pointed to the fact that Scamraiders and Jim are protected by the doctrines of free speech and free press and the U.S. Constitution. JSC Stallman issued his decision in January 2010 and rejected Burke/Siebert's claim to gag Jim and Scamraiders by striking out the Burke claim - thus any further attempt to re-litigate the same claim again is forum shopping, a fraud on the court and barred and precluded by the doctrines of res judicata and collateral estoppel and 'the law of the case'.

Finally, the very gag order Burke hangs his failed hopes on has not been complied with by Burke/Siebert/Gomez, with rampant attacks on Jim on the internet and otherwise.

Finally, corrupt lawyer Burke apparently can't read, as the gag order directs, on its face, that if a violation is alleged, that the party complaining must - before making a motion - seek a conference call with the court and the court, after hearing the claims on the conference call, 'may schedule a contempt hearing.'

Burke never followed the terms and conditions of the 2005 gag order that he signed and the gag order has nothing to do with Scamraiders, a California corporation incorporated in 2009. Further, Jim is not Scamraiders and JSC Stallman, in his decision, struck out all of Burke/Siebert attempts to deprive Jim's free speech. Thus any further Burke/Siebert scheme to re-litigate the same issues before another judge is barred and warrants sanctions.

Burke, Siebert and Gomez's abuse of The Desert Sun is a diversion to cover up Siebert's documented criminal acts and as yet undenied. Scamraiders and its affiliates are not going to be intimidated by these criminals and neither Scamraiders or The Desert Sun subject to the jurisdiction of the NY court and in case Couri v Siebert, Index 107240/04 – Siebert/Burke/Gomez, put up or shut up.

Here are some of the communications and attempted intimidation and frauds engaged in by these vultures.

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