Scam-artists Russo & Burke/Joe Burk, Esq. cover-up for rogue doctor John Siebert, MD

Russo & Burke, Esqs & Joe Burke, Esq. not only covered up John Siebert, MD's frauds and sexual abuses, they lied to the courts, suppressed evidence, engaged in suborning perjury and participated in a scheme of harassment and extortion, all well-documented. Why?

All so that sex addict/evil dirtbag Siebert could swindle Jim Couri and other creditors and cover up Siebert's sex-abuses of multiple patients.

Here is a recent New York Times blog that is a example of a tip of a deep iceberg of corruption in which these lawyers - Joe Burke and his extortionist partner Kenneth Gomez - are involved.

Russo & Burke, et-al, sat in Siebert's vulture droppings and will not be coming out with a new suit. Please read the NY Times-Eligon blog here:

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