Scammers take the smile out of teeth-whitening product sales

Consumers and the Better Business Bureau are up in arms about the underhanded advertising tactics of some companies advertising teeth whitening products on the internet. The ads promise miracle cures for discolored teeth, but some customers say they were enticed with free trial offers that turned out to be bogus.

The scam tricks people into signing up for expensive, long-term subscriptions to tooth whitening products, when the customer thinks they are signing up for a free trial. The customer tries to cancel over the phone or online, to no avail.

The companies accused of these slimy tactics are placing the blame on unscrupulous and overzealous advertising agencies, but the Better Business Bureau says it has launched an investigation into teeth whitening and other internet companies making the same offers with the same result.

While these products may or may not help you improve your smile, the tactics used to market them are anything but stainless.


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