Scamraiders & Jim Couri Network targets of extortion & harassment by John Siebert, MD, George Pavia, Esq, Joe Burke, Esq & thug Kenneth Gomez

Desperate to gag us & cover up their corruption, bribery, thefts from insurers, sex abuses & tax evasion - in the process they lie about & extort Jim Couri, who is gravely ill

Scamraiders is a news organization. It is owned by Jabberwabble Corp. and they own Jim Couri Network, Scam SOS & dozens of other domains. Jim Couri, individually, was a founder of the Scamraiders concept, & was a $1.00 a year consultant from inception in July 2009 until Jim resigned in November 2009 when he was diagnosed with Stage 4 terminal cancer.

Jim's resignation was published on Scamraiders' sites. Jim is not Scamraiders, as falsely stated by these crooks, Siebert, et al. Scamraiders has staff writers & investigators and many contributing writers. Scamraiders conducts its business pursuant to its 'Terms of Use,' as does Network. We write about all forms of corruption, scams & swindles.

Jim Couri does not write or select what we write about. Scamraiders, Jabberwabble & Network, Scam SOS & all of our domains function pursuant to freedom of speech & press. Scamraiders is being extorted by these documented thieves - Siebert, Pavia, Burke, in a scheme to deprive our reporting about these persons frauds & sex crimes.

Meanwhile, Ken Gomez, paid for by Siebert/Burke, continues his attack, extortion and harassment on the Internet, proffering lies about Jim & Scamraiders. Burke & Siebert have called Jim’s associates, doctors & Scamraiders affiliates. They have filed false claims with Google & others, all in violation of law, as they are covering up their crimes of sex abuses, & courthouse corruption. Siebert has, along with Burke, lied in court pleadings covering up his sex crimes & discharge from NYU/Langone Hospital for sex molesting of patients & covering up multiple investigations into tampering, tax evasion, and NY State Health Dept & Siebert's sex rapes & narcotics abuses.

Jim Couri is very ill and does not & can not exert any control over Scamraiders - Jim is undergoing toxic cancer treatment in hospital in Los Angeles & is very ill. He is not involved in any of the Scamraiders reporting or articles or any of Network's articles or reports. Scamraiders/Jabberwabble bought Jim's name for use on network, & Jim is not involved in any aspect of Network or its conduct of reporting.

Please see Jim's reported resignation as published on Scamraiders in December 2009.

Recently, Jim & Scamraiders were written about. Jim was referred to as 'CEO' of Scamraiders - this title was not correct. Sadly, & due to his cancer treatment & illness, Jim is spending all of his time in treatments for cancer & his other medical disorders & is not involved with Scamraiders or any of it's affiliates.

We at Jabberwabble Corp/Scamraiders & all of our domains hope & pray that Jim gets better, beats cancer & comes back to us with all of his usual vigor. We miss him & his courage, knowledge & wisdom. We are all praying for Jim’s recovery. He is fighting for life.

Meanwhile, Scamraiders will not be extorted by anyone, in particular the very crooks our 'mission statement' mandates that we expose. We will not be intimidated. We will continue to, properly & with documentary proof, report any & all wrongdoings pursuant to the rights under the US Constitution, and free press/speech. We will continue to expose and report on these & other persons' illegal acts - none of which Siebert, Pavia, Burke, Gomez have denied. Scamraiders publishes evidence of wrongdoings that we report. None of this proof has been denied by any of the crooks we report about & expose.

In sum-- Jim Couri has nothing to do with Jabberwabble/Scamraiders business, operations, reports, exposes, writings, or any of Jabberwabble/Scamraiders domains.

See 'Terms of Use' & schedule of Jabberwabble owned & operated domains.


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