Scamraiders changes the name of its web/blog domain known as Jim Couri Network to Scamraiders Network.

Scamraiders and Jim Couri continue to be extorted and harassed by New York thugs John Siebert, Joseph M Burke, Kenneth Gomez and George Pavia and their cohorts. Their desperation to railroad Jim Couri and attempts to ambush Scamraiders has taken on new dimensions of criminality, threats and harassment. Scamraiders is diligently building its claims and causes of actions against these four sociopaths and others in concert with them, which will lead them-head on-into the California federal courts FOR CLAIMS BY SCAMRAIDERS, ET AL, OF BUSINESS INTERRUPTION, FRAUD, CORRUPTION, MAL INTERFERENCES, ETC. SEEKING INJUNCTIONS AND DAMAGES AND IN OTHER COURTS FOR CHARGES OF RICO.

Sex crimes, tax evasion, bribery, extortion, money laundering and worse are just the tip of the iceberg of these criminals. They continue to harass Jim, who is very ill. To avoid any further rhetoric that Jim is not Scamraiders and even though Scamraiders bought the rights to use Jim's name on Scamraiders owned domain 'Jim Couri Network', Scamraiders has changed the name to it's SCAMRAIDERS NETWORK, also a division of JABBERWABBLE CORP. and subject to the published TERMS OF USE.

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