Scamraiders continues to be harassed and threatened by thugs recruited by George and Antonia Pavia and Dr. John W Siebert

Desperate to railroad the exposing of these outlaws corruption, larceny and worse


The Pavias and Siebert have corrupted the rules of law engaging in now well documented and undenied acts of collusion, tampering, extortion tax evasion and worse. They continue to interfere into Scamraiders legitimate reports protected by the US Constitution/ free speech /free press, these scoundrels have recruited well known thugs to slander and libel and extort Scamraiders in a scheme to whitewash the dastardly and documented illegal and outrageous acts engaged in by the Pavias, Siebert and those they have bribed, and corrupted. Scamraiders will not be threatened and extorted or intimidated by these rogues. Please see Scamraiders for reports and exhibits confirming the Pavias and Siebert's collusion, extortion, corruption and ambushing of the rules of law.

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