In the USA we lose about $50 billion a year in telemarketing fraud alone and more than $100 million in foreign lottery scams. It’s amazing---you get approached by mail, email or phone---STAY AWAY! Here are some more common target scams:

1. Phony Charities
Watch out for charities. Anyone soliciting you for charitable purposes must be registered with your State. Check with the Attorney General Office or the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Don’t get ‘suckered in’ ---check, check and check BEFORE you write a check.

2. Door-to-Door Solicitations
Don’t open your door to any stranger! Resist all pressure sales, anywhere, but especially on your own doorstep. Report this conduct to the Better Business Bureau or Police immediately.

3. Investment Scams
Be wary of investment seminars that solicit get-rich-quick programs. Do not invest until you fully investigate. Don’t invest right away. Don’t trust anyone selling you a quick-buck stock deal. Don’t invest more than you can afford at anytime with anyone. It is easy to write a check. It may be impossible to get your money back.

4. Home Repair
Be careful of repair/handymen that work out of their pocket or truck. Always check references, get several estimates, and have everything in writing. If you are over 65, your home cannot be used as collateral in a home improvement contract. NEVER pay in advance, only when the work is satisfactorily completed.

5. Medicare Fraud
Senior citizens, never give your Medicare number to any stranger; and always check your Medicare Statement to be sure no one is using your Medicare number for medical services.

6. Telemarketing/Internet Fraud
Never ever provide personal information or send money to solicitors who contact you first. If by phone, hang up or insist on calling the person back after you have checked out the solicitor, but stay away from these phone “sweet-talking” scam artists. Do not respond to any callers or mailings that claim you have won a contest or lottery, whether domestic or foreign. The hook---you simply need to pay a fee to collect your winnings. Cross Border sales or purchase of lottery tickets is illegal; and so is any advance charges for collecting the “prize”. NEVER put up money in the hope of getting a “windfall”; there is no such thing.

7. Money Cashing Scams
Never accept a supposed Cashier or Bank check from any solicitation which asks you to cash the check and send most of it to some unknown third party. You’ll be stuck for all the money. The Banks will cash the bogus cashiers check because the phony check appears legit, but it’s a fake. After 5 to 7 days the Bank finds out that the check is a phony. By then you will have sent out the funds to the scammer, leaving you owing all of the money.

There’s an old adage first said by P.T. Barnum (the great American Showman of the early 1900s) that you should keep in the back of your mind:

“There’s a sucker born every minute and two to squeeze him.”

So be careful and hold onto your money! Let us hear from you about any scam or swindle you have been a victim to. Here are two Scams just reported to Scamraiders by its Members. PLEASE be alert, Swindlers are like roaches, they are everywhere.

To Whom it may concern:
Hello My name is XXXXXXXX and recently I was "scammed" because of
my sheer stupidity and desperation for money. Until a few days ago, I
was unemployed for 5 months. going to many interviews and reaching
final candidacy a few times but always never making it to the your
hired stage. Anyways, like everybody I was looking for a way to make
easy money. I was contacted by email and by regular mail by 2
separate companies that where offering "Open Position Survey Taking,
Details enclosed..." " We saw your resume on line......etc. ( I have
all the paperwork) I was contacted by a Mr. Marc Boston of Doregos
Events and DoregosTalent Evaluation Agency located in California. Mr
Boston said that he was interested in hiring me that this was a way
for me to make additional money. All I have to do is do a simple
Survey of the Western Unions, that they gotten approval from the
Western Unions to do surveys on their employees reaction as to a
typical consumer without me letting any employee know I was doing so.
To send $ under a wire to an assigned individual by them. The whole
process would take no more than 15 minutes.. Seemed simple enough he
said all I have to do is fill out a form with certain questions and
observe reactions from the employee as far as how he treated people
etc and email it back to him. When you are desperate, you react
desperate and you do foolish things and do not think it through. Mr.
Boston send me a cashier check for $2850.00 and my job was to pretend
to send it to Mr. Anton Marcus 21 Bromley High Street Bow London
SE172BB United Kingdom. I was to take $300.00 from the money he sent
(cashier check) which would be my fees for doing the survey and
sending the money so in effect I was sending $2425.00 and the W.U.
charges also would be covered ($125.00). Here is where the scam comes
about. The cashier check they sent is Bogus, Fraudulent, etc. i did
not know this. I was under the impression that cashiers checks are
funds taken from an account and converted to cash. I also did not know
that cashier checks are treated like checks in that they can take 7-10
business days to clear. You must contact the issuing bank not your
bank to see when it is cleared. before you send the funds to the
vultures who have no conscience They will want you to send the funds
as soon as possible as the check is cleared. Your bank will tell you
that the check is cleared after 24 hrs or next day..WRONG!!! If you
send the funds in cash you will loose it. I know believe I know
because I felt for this twice from 2 different companies at the same
time. My losses are approximately over $7000.00. These vultures prey
on the helpless and the unemployed and catch you when you are your
"weakest" mentally. The gist of this story is so a company like
Scamraiders can expose these vultures, if at all possible, put them
"out of comission". I have lost my $ and there is nothing i can do but
if i can help another future soul victimized by them so be it!! The 2
companies that contacted me.are as follows:

Doregos Events Management amd Doregos Evaluation Agency (the sick part
is that they have a website to lend legitimacy to them)
P.O. Box 99800
Emeryville, California 94602.
Mr. Marc Boston's email address is email)
His cell phone is (213)-325-2632

The other company is
2474 Locust Ave. Louisville, KY 40299
or 1005 Shawnbrook Dr..Houston, Tx 77071
Ph:1-713-481-5081 Ext 202 / Fax: 1-866-416-8097
His name is Michael D. Willis (Coordinator Mgr)
He took me for $1650.00/ same procedure except his was $200.00 +
100.00 taken out for W.U. fees. to Canada (Bogus cashier check)
The sick part is that you call his number and there is a recording and
he will answer the phone if you can be "scammed".
If you can help another victimized soul that these vultures will try
to prey upon, this letter will be a help.
I have all documentation to this..
I, unlike these animals have a conscience and will have to work out an
arrangement to pay my bank whom I have been dealing with and doing
business with for over 10 years.
Please advise if there is someone in their state that can be
contacted.!!!(i.E. State Attorney or U.S. Attorney or FBI)
Nothing will give me more pleasure than see these scammers behind bars!!!
Thank you


Doregos Events


Scamraiders in fact contacted ‘surveywalmart’ by phone on July 28, 2009: 713-481-5081X202 seeking Mr. Michael Willis regarding alleged scam reported by Scamraider R. Maler. After pressing Ext. 202 a man answered with a deep Nigerian accent. It took our investigator a while to elicit a name, allegedly “Willis”. When Willis was told our interest in an investigation into the practices of “ surveywalmart” and we asked about Scamraiders’ member Mr. Robert Maler (who reported this scam to us) the inquiry was stonewalled. Specifically Scamraiders asked what happened to Mr. Maler’s money, and if this “surveywalmart’ is affiliated with the Walmart Company---no answer was provided by Mr. “Willis”. Willis thereafter became defensive and said he wanted a lawyer to call us back. When Willis was asked the lawyer’s name and State of practice, we were told the lawyer’s name was “Mr. Zimbabwe” and Willis refused to disclose the State of practice. Then Willis asked, “Are you FBI?” Our investigator reply was “no”, but stated if we believe this matter is a scam, we will refer the matter to the US Attorney and the FBI----Willis promptly hung up. Scamraiders also attempted to phone Mr. Mark Boston, referenced in Mr. Maler’s email to Scamraiders as another alleged perpetrator of a scam Mr. Maler had fallen victim to. We called 213-325-2632, but the number was disconnected.

It seems apparent that the Company (surveywalmart) is probably offshore and more than likely in Nigeria, a cesspool of scams and swindles. This is a classic example of what to stay away from. Mr. Mailer was duped and it is unfortunate. Hopefully his story will be helpful to others. Remember, “if it is too good to be true, it is”. When in doubt stay away and DO NOT write a check or deliver cash to anyone, PERIOD.

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