Scamraiders has obtained absolute evidence that well documented pervert and sex degerate Dr. John Siebert was expelled and terminated as a NYU/Langone Medical Center faculty for cause about a year ago

John Siebert Md, the 21 st century 'Marquis D'Sade' sex pervert and his lawyer Joseph M. Burke, continue to commit fraud and perjury about Siebert's sex rapes, molesting, drug abuse, thefts and Siebert's firing by NYU/Langone Medical Center for cause. These corrupt acts are made in Siebert/Burke's court affidavits, pleadings and on Siebert's own web site, to patients and to Castle Connoly Medical Reporting service.

The fraud and deceptions Siebert and Burke are engaged in have been ongoing for many years. Siebert was found out to be a sex predator in New York in or around 1994 when patient Muriel Karass filed criminal charges against Siebert for allegations of sex molesting by Siebert of Ms. Karass. She also filed complaints with the NY state health department and (as we are told) also with NYU hospital. Soon after, in 1994 through 2010, another patient of Siebert's, Diane Kleiman, filed complaints against Siebert with NYU hospital. We have learned many other of Siebert's victims and thier husbands have filed reports about Siebert's sociopathic activities severely injuring patients. NYU/Langone hospital and other agencies began to investigate Siebert, the evidence against him, interviews and hearings were held involving Siebert's victims including Kleiman and others. Burke was present and involved in these charges, interviews and hearings, we are told, involving NYU and NY state health and others. Since at or about 1994 until the present. NYU, after inquiry into Siebert's sex predatory acts, narcotics abuse, frauds on medical insurers in cluding empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield, fired Siebert from the NYU faculty at or about Novembver 2009, Scamraiders now has proof of Siebert's discharge.

Meanwhile, Siebert and Burke have engaged in rampant fraud, perjury and corruption in NY courts, denying Siebert's documented sex crimes and firing by NYU/Langone. Siebert committed rampant perjury at a hearing in NY courts in 2006, in a scheme to cover up his sex predatory investigations at NYU and New York state and law enforcement. Siebert was also charged as a pedophile by the Connecticut State Department of Children and Families in mid 2005. Siebert/Burke wilfully covered up Siebert's known criminal sex acts, narcotics abuses, thefts from insurers, fraud, tampering and corruption by a grand-scale conspiracy.

All of the forgoing was known and secreted by Siebert & Burke from Jim Couri and the court from as early as beginning in 2005, including these facts being withheld from JSC Harold Beeler, referee Louis Crespo and others. Scamraiders now has obtained evidence confirming Siebert's termination and the requisite fraud , perjury and cover-up engaged in by Siebert/Burke in pleadings and affidavits submitted in New York courts. Documents prepared, signed, sworn-to by Siebert and Burke, falsely state that Dr Siebert is a fine, upstanding doctor, not fired from NYU and not a sex predator and not a thief. New proofs further confirm that Siebert is continuing to currently and falsely report a current affiliation with NYU/Langone, which was terminated for cause long ago.

Scamraiders has learned that the NYU hospital has demanded repeatedly that Siebert cease and desist falsely representing himself as a faculty member of NYU and that he has use of NYU facilities. Siebert and Burke, ignoring the NYU/Langone demands, are lying and defrauding the public and covering up Siebert's sex degenerate acts. Rogue Siebert and his corrupt lawyer Joseph M. Burke are engaged in an ongoing scheme to rob Jim Couri, corrupt the NY courts by perjury, fraud and deception and to lure in innocent victims for Siebert to rape and injure. Scamraiders will continue to investigate and expose criminals Siebert, Burke and others in concert with them. Siebert conned many including NYU/Langone, by his Midwestern sociopathic sweet-talk, fraud, lies and deception. Finally this vulture was found out and caught and fired by NYU/Langone. Yet this criminal Siebert and his corrupt lawyer, over the written objections and demands of NYU/Langone administration, continue to defraud the courts, Jim Couri and patient victims by falsely creating a false appearance of being a proper and legitimate doctor/surgeon, when all the while, Siebert is nothing more than a sick, demented sex degenerate who should be in prison for the injury he has caused his victims and for his thefts of insurance proceeds made with the aid of Siebert's corrupt office manager and co-conspirator Ms. Nelsa Garcia, who has been aiding Siebert in his thefts, forgery and false filings with empire Blu Cross/Bleu Shiled and other medical insurers from at or about 1994 when Siebert took over the medical practice of plastic surgeon V. Michael Hogan, who retired. Siebert and Garcia have been ripping-off patients and insurers for over seventeen years in New York. Scamraiders is now looking into some of Siebert's corrupt, sex predatory and perverted acts, possibly ongoing now in Wisconsin and at UW Hospital as well. you see a sex pervert, just like a pedophile, simply can not stop their vulture sex acts, they are sick sociopaths and sex monsters.


Letter 1 From NYU

Letter 2 From NYU

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