Scamraiders makes an open plea to all of the victims of Dr John Siebert who have been physically, mentally, emotionally and financially raped by this rogue doctor

 . . . and who are fearful of reporting this sociopath's vicious acts


Scamraiders staff have interviewed many of Siebert's victims. These persons, women and men, have come forward to Scamraiders seeking help and solace because of the dastardly abuse they have been subject to and willfully perpetrated by Dr John Siebert.

Victims of Dr. John Weston Siebert come forward!!!

Scamraiders has been asked to maintain many of these victim disclosure reports in confidence which Scamraiders has and will continue to do.

Scamraiders has disclosed to the public only the reports, evidence and the persons who authorized the disclosures of the abuses that they have repeatedly endured at the hands of villain Dr John Siebert.

These victims have reported sex abuse, narcotics abuse, intimidation, phone sex, bizarre sex demands, thefts, and mutilation and malpractice.

And multitudinous stories from Siebert about the lifeless, sexless and cold marriage he has had with his wife Kimberly.

And how sociopath Dr Siebert wants love from each victim, falsely promising love, affection and marriage, promises made by Siebert simply for Siebert's sexual gratification and self indulgence at the expense of a vulnerable patient and their emotions and self respect.

Soon thereafter sociopath Siebert, after sexually and emotionally abusing these vulnerable women and after manipulating these victims with lies and narcotics, Dr Siebert would intimidate and turn on them for yet another victim.

Siebert has played the Siebert game of sexual and emotional roulette with all of the victims that Scamraiders has had contact with. “Heal they patient, do no harm.” Siebert has done much harm and must be stopped for once and for all, Siebert is a demented inhuman rogue.

Siebert is no doctor, he is a scoundrel, thief and a outlaw and Scamraiders has documented all of these charges, all undenied by Siebert.

Scamraiders as a news reporting network is now asking that all of Siebert's victims who have not yet done so, consider coming forward and speak in detail to the authorities who can for once and for all, put a stop to this charlatan doctor Siebert.

With your help others will not fall victim to this pretender Siebert and his sex, intimidation and other abuses.

Scamraiders will not violate the trust many have embraced Scamraiders with, but we ask that all involved who have fallen victim to Dr Siebert's dastardly 'Mr. Hyde' molesting and abuses must now think about revealing their Siebert 'horror stories' in confidence to the proper authorities.

Please communicate in confidence with Scamraiders operations by phone or email for further details.

Innocent persons have been hurt and abused, it is now time for all who have been tricked and manipulated by Siebert to stand up and stop this phony, fraud and bully Dr John w. Siebert and put him away so that he will not and can not further injure the innocent patients that he cons into his sublet office and commits his crimes of sex, narcotics, frauds and other abuses.


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