Scamraiders removes from the 'Scamraiders Hall of Shame' NYU/Langone Hospital, Lenox Hill Hospital, and Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital

- as these hospitals have, after review of the dastardly acts of rogue Dr. John W. Siebert, fired and discharged Siebert from all privileges and have terminated him

Scamraiders is pleased to report that these hospitals have kicked Siebert out of their facilities as they have concluded that Siebert is a menace to patients - these institutions after investigation determined that Siebert has victimized many people and is not worthy of any association with these institutions.

Scamraiders applauds these determinations and confirms that these hospitals appear to care about the safety and integrity of the public that Dr. Siebert has menaced and raped physically, emotionally and financially.

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