Scamraiders will be presenting a expose on what is defined as a "shady-lawyer"

The term of "shady-lawyer" will be dissected and analyzed in a series of forthcoming articles - Scamraiders investigations reveal a plethora of corrupt acts that many of these outlaw lawyers employ, you, the sucker client, would have no clue as to how these shady, despicable and bad-egg lawyers will perform their tricks to fool and skewer you - not just an adversary lawyer, but sometimes even the very lawyer you have hired but who has been corrupted by a 'higher bidder' of for other and 'political' gain and m o n e y!!!!!!

Many of these tricksters are possibly representing you or your company now and they are really good at their scams - as good as 'David Copperfield,' the magician - coming soon . . .

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