Scamraiders announces that Jabberwabble Corp has sold the Scamraiders internet business, websites, domains, trade marks, copy rights, and all affiliated internet properties to Scams Inc. and Jabberwabble Corp are pleased to announce that all of Jabberwabble Corporation's interest in all of its internet properties, domains, operations, trademarks, copyrights, and all Jabberwabble websites have been sold to Scams Inc.

Scams Inc. intends to make big changes to Scamraiders' sites soon and will be announcing in detail the launching of the new and affiliated websites, which will be a targeted internet news network, reporting and posting streaming news regarding, corruption, scams, swindles and the growing business of 21st century digital “bounty hunting” in America.

All developing and future plans will be announced in more detail coming shortly on Scamraiders and Scams Inc. websites and via press-releases.

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