Scams, scams and more scams - take a look!!! Scamraiders staff has complied a outline and schedule of "current scams"

You will be shocked at the abundance of schemes out-there orchestrated by swindlers and cons contrived to take our cash. The schedule covers scams from home repair, gift card, gambling, cashier check, internet, credit fix, lotto, home improvement, green card, debt collection, IRS and many more.

A comprehensive detailed schedule outlining these swindles will be posted on Scamraiders 'home-page' on January 20, 2011and the schedule will be included in Scamraiders significant documents.

This schedule will be posted separately at the end of the article for convenient downloading.

Please stay alert----- there are lots of swindlers out there ready to 'pick your pocket'


Current Scams

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