Scoundrels orchestrate a 'run away' court room

Kenneth V. Gomez, Esq and George Pavia, Esq - these scoundrels orchestrate a 'run away' court room, corrupts a court and JSC Madden, then rewards themselves with corrupt railroading decisions from the very court they corrupted

Lying, cheating, tampering, ambushing, and back-room dealing . . . this is how corrupt lawyers such as Pavia, Gomez and Joseph M. Burke have functioned in a polluted court environment. They have engaged in 'lying' and 'cheating' not 'lawyering.'

What was done in the 'runaway courtroom' of JSC Joan Madden in NYC during the Jim Couri--Pavia litigation - involving a simple and clear and convincing case of rent stabilization rights secured by Jim legally at the DHCR - is a sickening disgrace of a judge and a courtroom being compromised by despicable fixers and shake down lawyers and resultant deprivation of justice and manipulations of the law, phony decisions, judicial suppression and manipulation of evidence, rewriting the doctrines of res-judicata and collateral estoppel, findings of other courts and judges, manipulation of statutes, preventing findings issued by ECB court, six Dept of Buildings inspectors, findings of JSC R. Acosta, JSC Lebedef, findings that Pavia and his wife Antonia forged Dept of Building certificates of corrections, findings that a greenhouse in Jim's apartment was found to be hazardous, unfit and illegally erected without plans or permits.

The Pavias were unjustly enriched with the willing aid of a malleable court - JSC Madden - and by corruption - stole Jim Couri's legally obtained rent-stabilized home and the fortune in improvements made by Jim Couri. JSC Madden's documented bad- acts are sad and a disgrace for the rules of law and the honor of America and its courts.

Madden precluded evidence and forged ahead and orchestrated a farcical charade / kangaroo courtroom, railroading in seeming concert with corrupt lawyers George Pavia and bag-man Kenneth V. Gomez to rob rent stabilization of Pavia's building, secured properly by Jim. Evidence confirms that, at the very least, JSC madden manipulated statutes involving improper acts within the property by using letters faxed to Pavia's office and all previously rejected by three other courts and by the DHCR.

JSC Madden then misused her office to insulate the Pavias, ordering they can't be sued without her approval. Madden condoned Pavia's threats, and extortive acts, deprived Jim from putting in material proof of ECB court, Jim's health, collateral estoppel and refused to dismiss Pavia's bogus claims of damage, as no evidence was produced.

Madden then targeted Jim and interfered into his other court issues.

Sadly a careful review of the Madden court decorum, decisions and rulings versus the law, CPLR and statutes, reveal a despicable ambush and railroading to give corrupt lawyers Pavia and Gomez statutory rights legally secured by Jim Couri and the DHCR.

The entire Madden-Pavia kangaroo scam is a poster-child for back-room courthouse scams and set-ups. All one needs to do is read the puzzle of Madden's shocking decisions.

Jim's rights under the U.S. Constitution were butchered by the corruption orchestrated by the Pavias for their corrupt and illegal rewards.

Facts and proof do not lie-----people do!!!!

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