Everybody's seen the commercials -- your good buddy Vince puts on a fantastic display of skill and prowess, all in the attempt to sell you a set of $20 towels.

But these aren't just any towels. According to Vince, the Shamwow towel will absorb any liquid spill and will do it through carpet, in the kitchen, bathroom, garage, and will "Hold 12 times it's wieght in liquid,"according to the website.

In reality, these shamwows are perfectly capable shammies -- but, in our opinion, not up to the informercial claims and not worth the $20 price tag.

Scamraiders testers found that these cloths did absorb more water than a regular terrycloth towel, but not by much, and certainly not as efficiently as claimed by the commercial. We also found that spills and messes were not competely absorbed by the Shamwow -- there was residual liquid each time our testers used the Shamwow.

Additionally, the Shamwow proved marginal at cleaning water off of a freshly washed car and left drops on our test vehicle. Though their website claims this product works "wet or dry" the Shamwows we tested became much less effective when wet.

All in all, the Shamwow is over-eggagerated at best. Not enough for us to call this product a scam, but enough for us to warn our visitors and members -- save your money!

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