Scamraider Sandra Harrison was apparently swindled by this company, who conned her into purchasing their products that, upon receipt, were non-operational and in disarray. On her repeated attempts for recompensement, our Scamraider was unable to obtain recovery or a working product.

Scamraiders investigators have attempted to communicate with this company, unsuccessfully, as their phone numbers are disconnected. Scamraiders will attempt further investigation. Please see the full email from Ms. Harrison below – and buyer beware!

On 3/5/08 I purchased off of an infomercial the smart space power vac, deal was buy 1 get 1 free of which I did, pay shipping for free one, plus ordered another, making total of three vacs costing $199.75 plus shipping of $55.50 totaling $255.25. First all three fell apart and are junk. I had also ordered three of the power steamer w/acc at $20.00 each along with the warranty for all three at another $20.00 each along with the shipping of $20.00 each totaling $180.00. I never received any of these products, have called and called to no avail, stated checking into always, will pass this on to their supervisor, that you could never speak with. Finally back on July 15, 2008 I canceled this order and asked for my money back and still got the same excuses and to date no money returned to me. This company from my understanding has used several different names on their products, all fraud, same product different names. This company is located in Addison, TX. What can I do to get my money back for merchandise never received? I am 63 years old and am having a hard time making ends meet and can use this money to pay bills.

The $255.25 I understand is money down the drain but the remainder of $180.00 is uncalled for when products never received.

Would appreciate any advise you may offer.

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