Why is Strauss-Kahn in jail for acts of alleged sexual abuse and molesting a hotel employee and sex vulture Dr. John Siebert, who has molested and raped and physically abused Diane Kleiman and reported other of his patients, is still on NY streets, treating patients and operating on them and not charged for his dastardly and multiple acts of well documented sex abuses of victim patients???

Scamraiders has reported on Dr. John Siebert's sex abuses of patients. Siebert has been fired by NYU-Langone, Lenox Hill and Manhattan Eye and Ear hospitals. Siebert has been evicted from four medical offices in NYC and is under investigation by NY State Department of Health for his sexual and other abuses of patients.

Many of Siebert's victims have filed documents under oath, outlining Siebert's sex molestings. We exhibit some of these below - documents from Ms. Karas, Ms. Rachel, Linda M, and Ms. Kleiman.

Based on the correct and vigorous acts by NY prosecutors regarding the claimed despicable acts of Mr. Strauss-Kahn, we can not reconcile as to why a sociopath, Dr. John Siebert, accused by many he has raped physically, emotionally and financially, is not arrested and charged criminally.

This is in addition to the sworn statements and findings that Siebert engaged in theft of over $1million from Wellpoint-Blue Cross-Blue Shield and Siebert's being fired for cause from NYU-Langone Medical Center for sex abuse of Ms. Kleiman and healthcare thefts and fraud.

In our view, Dr. John Siebert's multiple sex and related crimes, as reported by his victims, seem much worse than the claimed acts of Mr. Strauss Kahn.

Siebert belongs in a cell at Riker's, as well. See his patient-victims reports of Siebert's sociopathic vulture acts.


Dominique Strauss-Kahn denied $1m bail on rape charge

IMF head Strauss-Kahn charged over New York 'sex crime'



Rachel Letters:



Rachel Letter and Envelope

Linda M. Letter:


Kleiman Affidavit:


Karas Documents:

Karas v. Siebert (et al) - Summons

Karas v. Siebert (et al) - Complaint

Karas v. Siebert (et al) - Complaint Dismissed

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