Sunny Sheu vs Judge Joseph Golia of the Unified Court

- Sheu stood up to the old boys and their cronyism, abuses and alleged corruption and Mr. Sunny Sheu is now dead . . .

Scams Inc and Scamraiders have been told of the Sheu case and the allegations of corruption, threats he believed spawns from that corrupt Unified Courthouse and JSC Joseph Golia - and the ultimate death of Mr. Sheu that might have been a murder. At least Mr. Sheu was concerned enough and obviously frightened enough to air a video, outlining his suspicions of possible harm to befall him because of his reports of corruption ongoing in the Queens branch of the Unified Courts---

Scams Inc/Scamraiders will be sending its investigators to scrutinize this case.

The Unified Courts and a number of its judges are and have been under Scams Inc and others’ 'microscope' and the results have proven devastating and, among other things, appear to establish collusion, bribery, abuse of the rules of law, fraud, and condoning extortion threats and thefts.

Look -- it all comes down to money---cash money---or off-shore bribes, gifts, mortgages, fancy dental work, jewelry, clothing, and much more.

The pen in a crooked judge’s hand is mightier than the sword, until the heat gets too close. Then? Well, look at what happened to poor Sunny Sheu? Time will tell------

We do not know JSC Golia but we will be providing Mr. Sunny Sheu's YouTube video explaining his situation and concerns in his own words shortly before his untimely death.

We also will post a lengthy article outlining Sunny's horrific tale.

How an average Joe, Sunny Sheu, who tries to stand up to the systemic greed, spite and corruption by some of the vicious sociopaths and bad eggs in the unified courthouses donning black robes and installed by the Carmine Desapio/Boss Tweed bosses of the back-room political machines in Brooklyn, Queens and NYC in the farcical Unified Court-rooms and how Mr. Sunny Sheu was seemingly ambushed, railroaded, mutilated and possibly murdered.

When money, corruption and bribery are involved involving corrupt judges and other crony public officials there are no rules, except "do unto others before they do unto you" . . .

Poor Sunny Sheu stood up and was slaughtered. We will seek some answers as we know how some of these black robed Unified Courthouse bandits operate, corrupt and scam to ruin the lives of the many who find them out and begin to close in on to their corrupt lives and that of the crooked lawyers who fuel the engine of corruption and collusion/bribery.

Stay tuned and see below for Sunny’s own words --- and you decide . . .


Sunny Sheu: Murdered for Investigating NY Foreclosure Judge Joseph Golia?

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Was Sunny Sheu, Foe Of Judicial Corruption, Murdered?

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