Take a look at what a faker and phony Dr John Siebert is, defrauding victim patients on his website

Dr Siebert is a proven sex predator, vulture and reported healthcare thief. He is a documented perjurer and accused narcotics abuser pedophile by lawyer Diane Kleiman and other of Siebert's victims and patients resulting in Siebert being fired and terminated by 3 or 4 NYC hospitals for illegal activities and patient abuses.

Not to mention evictions of Dr Siebert for cause from 3 or 4 medical offices in NYC alone.

On Siebert's website he claims that 'his medical office is at 875 Park Avenue, NYC. Yet, Siebert does not disclose the truth and the facts that he is a illegal tenant at 875 Park Avenue NYC and a squatter gaining occupancy in 875 by implementing fraud and deception.

Siebert falsely states on his own web site:
'Surgery performed in our Park Avenue office'
'We and our operating staff conducting surgery in our in-house surgical facilities'

Siebert has no facilities on Park Avenue or anywhere else, he has bee evicted from 4 NYC medical offices and fired from 3 NYC hospitals, all for cause, sex abuse of patients, narcotics abuse and reported healthcare frauds.

On Scamraiders home page on 2-15-11 we will post the relevant page of Dr Siebert's website revealing his intentional deceptions and frauds.

875 Park Avenue NYC and its managing agents Brown, Harris, Stevens have been conned and defrauded by Siebert and Siebert will Scamraiders believes based on the conduct of 875 Park be soon evicted out of that building as Siebert is a undesirable and is a danger to patients, and children based on the documented reports that Siebert is a sex molester and thief.


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