Tax Evasion - John Siebert, MD & George Pavia, Esq & Antonia Pavia Rob the Tax Collector with Impunity

Scamraiders 'as a public service' herewith provides full documentary evidence of the systematic & willful tax evasion & scheming of John Siebert MD his PC and Antonia & George Pavia Esq. You will see by the legal outlines exhibited below that were prepared by a major law office & tax attorneys just how Siebert swindled the federal & state tax man for millions by fraudulent allocations of repayments of loans as false 'consulting fees.'

Siebert, in concert with his CPA Shine & Co / Brian Pecker CPAs, defrauded over $3million in unpaid tax on this & other evasion swindles. Likewise, the Pavias have converted by fraud the title of George Pavia's elderly in-laws' property on East 77th Street, NYC for themselves, avoiding millions in gift tax and other George Pavia tax scams involving crime figures including Ted Kohl, who is George's pal & who is presently in prison for tax evasion, money laundering, extortion and fraud, etc.

Please review these outlines. Scamraiders has in its possession, or available to it, the relevant supporting proof of these major tax frauds. You decide why these crooks are not yet in prison? We all pay our taxes. These swindlers think they can continue to lie, cheat & extort without reprisal.

They may be very wrong . . .

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