The expose regarding Judge Luis Gonzalez is just the tip of a very deep iceberg

The expose regarding Judge Luis Gonzalez is just the tip of a very deep iceberg and drastic change is mandated - rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic will not work.

Laws must be immediately enacted by New York state making case fixing a felony and stringent enforcement of judiciary law 487. Citizen litigants have for far too long fallen victim to abuse of judicial abuse, corruption, incompetence, and backroom deals and litigants are subject to unethical lawyers who engage in perjury, suborning perjury, deceit, collusion, spoliation and corruption. The confidence in the judiciary in new york is at an all time low, corrupt lawyers are rampant and complaints are at a all time high. It is time for reform now.

A full report on these issues will be posted on home page Monday, but please today April 1, 2011 review the report from 'judicial reform now' and 'judiciary law 487 and legal malpractice' posted below.

Judge Luis Gonzalez's current revelations and findings is the opening of just one of hundreds of cans of worms stashed in the NY courthouses of bad acts and courthouse abuses that ruin the lives of the innocent because of corruption, case fixing, and courthouse railroading and ambushes by manipulation and mutilation of the rules of law.

Laws must be enacted and a complete investigation into the old-boys clubs, back room deals, the farcical judge selection process in NY as outlined by federal Judge John Gleeson and watchdogs, oversight committees, and felony prosecutions when judges and unethical lawyers are caught breaching their fiduciary obligations and engaging in bribes, fixes, collusion and courthouse railroading of innocent victim litigants who are subject to a corrupt court and crooked lawyers.

Much more soon...


Opinions from the Advisory Council on Judicial Ethics

judiciary law 487

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