Kenneth Gomez Esq. is a documented perjurer, thug and extortionist for hire. A paid-for henchman, he gladly does the dirty work of threats and harassment for cowards George Pavia Esq., John Siebert MD, and Russo & Burke-Joe Burke Esqs, John Siebert’s lawyers. After all, this gang has a lot to lose, and deadbeat Gomez is willing to say and do anything for a few bucks, since he has no assets, and he doesn’t care if he is sued.

Propaganda pimp Kenneth Gomez was retained by George Pavia and John Siebert in about August 2009 to malign and character assassinate Jim Couri and Scamraiders in their attempts to stop Scamraiders’ expose of Pavia and Siebert’s corrupt activities. Gomez has created a bandwagon self-styled Blog site, posting outright lies, distorted ancient history, and any dirt he can create to discredit Jim and create smokescreens in order to thwart Scamraiders’ uncovering and reporting on the Pavia/Siebert thefts, fraud, tax evasion, bribery, corruption, and abuses. As part of the charade, Gomez postures that he created his Blog--‘to defend his reputation’. Gomez further rants that his Blog is---‘a public service to anyone who has come in contact with Jim Couri. Sounds great, but pure hog-wash. Gomez’s Blog was concocted by George Pavia, John Siebert and Russo & Burke (where Gomez is affiliated and occupies a small closet office). The true purpose of the Gomez Blog is to post lies and deceptions about Jim and Scamraiders to retaliate and divert attention away from the exposing of Pavia, Siebert, Burke and Gomez corruption, bribery, and extortion. The Blog is purely used to harass, lie and extort.

Gomez, who is supposed to be lawyer and whose sworn-to oath requires specific ethical responsibilities, has posted over fifty-two false, fabricated, and misleading blogs in nine months. Scamraiders has documented Gomez’s malicious interferences into Scamraider’s business relations with many, including ABC/KESQ Channel 7, Elder Abuse, Google, Youtube, and dozens of others. Gomez’s underhanded tactics include falsely identifying himself and lying to a number of companies on the internet, solely to injure and damage Scamraiders and Jim. Gomez’s vicious slanders have fallen on the ears of some persons who believe Gomez is engaged in criminal extortion and harassment. To be sure his acts and that of George Pavia and Joseph Burke, have violated lawyers’ obligations under the Professional Disciplinary Rules of New York. For the record, Jim, contrary to Gomez’s concoctions, has been of great value to Law Enforcement for years, and has received accolades from Federal Judges and Prosecutors for his candid and truthful testimony and assistance in a number of criminal prosecutions.

Even more significant, not a single person or entity has been recruited by Gomez’s ‘crusading bandwagon’, and there is not a single legitimate comment supporting Gomez’s attack of Jim or Scamraiders. If Gomez’s false claims involving others who Gomez alleges were wronged by Jim were true--- where are they? Who are they? No one. In fact the only people coming forward are those coming to Scamraiders to report about John Siebert’s financial, physical and emotional abuses, and persons who have been abused by Russo & Burke, Joe Burke, George Pavia, and Kenneth Gomez. If Jim had engaged in acts as extortionist Gomez alleges, and for the ‘40 plus years’, where are these persons Jim ‘has come in contact with’, and where are their complaints? The only complaints from Gomez are his own smokescreen lies and that of documented liars with their own unjust agenda-- Siebert, Burke and Pavia; the very thieves who recruited Gomez in the first place.

Stated otherwise lawyer Kenneth Gomez is a carpet-bagger selling snake oil on the corner and ready for a fast exit on a moments notice. Hiding behind Gomez, the spineless crew of George Pavia, John Siebert, and Russo Burke are afraid to speak for themselves in view of their acts of corruption and obstruction of justice. Scamraiders will continue to report on this matter.

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