The FBI issues a comprehensive report on the most common scams and swindles

The FBI has issued a report on some of the most common scams and swindles and provides 'tips' to help and alert from falling victim to the 'badguys' and scammers.

Please see this report and the FBI crimes report with additional FBI reports related to healthcare and other scams on Scamraiders homepage along with this article on Jan. 28, 2011.

According to the FBI some of the most frequent scams we citizens are confronted with include identity theft, telemarketing, internet frauds, Ponzi schemes, pump and dump stock schemes, and more significantly insurance, medicare and healthcare scams, swindles and frauds.

Corrupt doctors, healthcare providers, hospitals and others who engage in and/or turn their back on healthcare swindles cost citizens, medicare and insurance companies billions of dollars a year because of intentional fraud and false filings submitted to healthcare insurers as a result of the fraudulent and forged filings and other medicare and insurance scams insurers and medicare are rooked for billions of dollars annually.

Scamraiders will post on the homepage Jan. 28, 2011 the FBI's report of the most common fraud scams and helpful tips to avoid the 'scam landmines'.

If you know of these corrupt acts engaged in by hospitals, doctors or others please contact the FBI as outlined on the FBI fact sheets and reports exhibited.


FBI - Common Fraud Schemes


FBI - Healthcare Fraud


FBI - Financial Crimes Report


FBI - Case of the Drug Dealing Doctor


FBI - Detroit Medicare Strike Force




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