Years ago, the con-men on Broadway would set up a box (near a subway entrance for quick departure) armed with three walnut shells and a small ball. The Victim/mark would bet on finding the correct shell where the ball was hiding. Of course there were a couple of “helpers” in the crowd to sucker in the fool making the bet. Upon the cops’ arrival, the scammers were gone with the wind, disappearing down into the subway.

Did George Pavia embraced his own “shell game” and in the process corrupt the System to steal Rent Stabilization entitlements and unjustly enrich himself and his family for more than $10 million dollars (the approximate difference in their building’s value if not Rent Stabilized)? How did he do it? Pavia, an attorney/landlord, appears to be a resourceful scoundrel who seemingly, like Bernie Madoff, turned to fraud, cheating, and corruption. After Jim Couri’s efforts uncovered that the Pavias’ building was subject to Rent Stabilization and won those rights via legitimate DHCR and Court proceedings, the Court Records and other documents point to the Pavias having turned to corruption. Scamraiders will, in the next number of weeks, give you this roadmap; you will decide where it leads. New York Court files and Records of the Department of Buildings, Environmental Control Board Court (ECB), and other relevant Records seem to point to the Pavias contamination of JSC Madden, the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) employees, including supposed “commissioners” Fatima Amir, Christopher Santulli, as well as various Building Inspectors and Notaries.

It is well publicized that the New York City Department of Buildings is saturated with corruption, implemented by so-called “Expediters”. Fact-- George and Antonia Pavia were found to have violated the law by the Environmental Control Board Court seven times; including findings, after Hearings, that the Pavia building, 18 E. 73rd St., NYC, is hazardous and unfit, in particular, that the illegal atrium in Jim Couri’s apartment, built by the Pavias without Permits or filed plans, was (and is) unfit for living and is Hazardous as well. However, JSC Madden seems to have finagled the law, aided by “recruits” Fatima Amir and Mr. Christopher Santulli, who never visited “the scene of the crime”. All of this was apparently “covered up” by the Courtroom “two-steps” of JSC Joan Madden and the Madden-Pavia handpicked DOB “puppets”. It appears that these collusive acts not only permitted the Pavias’ massive unjust monetary gains, but imperiled the safety of Jim and his wife by the Madden “cover-up” of the illegal and hazardous conditions that were determined by ECB Court and the DHCR of the Pavia premises. A careful review of the Madden Court conduct seems to reveal a transparent display of bias and a systematic misuse of the Law. The “digging” will continue.

The next question--- How did (if and when) the Pavias “pay off”? Where did the money come from? How much and to whom? Remember, the persons who benefit from an illegal act usually are involved in it. Does that point to George’s wife, Antonia, their adult children, Julian and Allison, and of course, Pavias’ lawyers? Our sources believe they have the Answers. Files and documents provided by Private Investigators confirm that George Pavia and family members are “involved” in various offshore enterprises; in particular George, as an officer, director, etc. George’s Law Office is owned by an Italian Organization. It appears that George has easy access to offshore Banking. What is documented up to now are: the Pavias’ “affiliations”; Records confirming the Pavias’ circumvention of ECB Court findings; the Pavias’ circumventing New York State and Federal Laws and the New York State Civil Practice Laws and Rules (CPLR). All of this misconduct seemingly orchestrated/assisted by persons on the Public “Pay-Roll”, solely to aid the Pavias’ illegal gains of over $10Million. We all know that no one gives out “free lunches” ----- Stay tuned.

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