THE GEORGE PAVIA SHUFFLE -- “If you can’t beat-em---cheat-em?”

George Pavia MO: “win at any cost”? What causes someone to become a cheater? George grew up in Italy during the Fascist rule of Mr. Mussolini. George, as a young man, was a member of the Fascists Youth Corps. George got to the USA, became a lawyer, and secured his lifestyle with a solid marriage to doctor. George learned how to maneuver in the New York Unified Court System and developed a list of clients, including Richard Nixon’s psychiatrist, Dr. Arnold Hutchnecker.

When George Pavia’s first marriage ended poorly in divorce ---resourceful George married up. As a gift, his new wife Antonia’s parents gave George a townhouse, 18 E. 73 Street, NYC, a Landmark property built around 1860. Then, George enlisted his pal Ted Kohl, now a convicted criminal, to conduct renovations for his triplex and began to rent out four small apartments on the top two floors above George and Antonia’s residence. Curiously, although George paid nothing for the property, he still needed the rental income. How come?

Apparently believing they are above the law, neither George or Antonia Pavia properly registered their building with the Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR) as Rent Stabilized or at all. George’s negligence became exacerbated when Jim Couri (Scamraiders’ Founder) rented one of George’s apartments and realized the Pavia building properly should be Rent Stabilized. When questioned by Jim, George began a crusade of lies and deception. Jim then made enquires at the DHCR and other Agencies only to learn that the Pavias were violating the Law. Disgusted, Jim filed for Rent Stabilization status at the DHCR, which resulted in the Pavias’ building finally being established as Rent Stabilized.

The Pavia paper trail of deception, false documents, as well as perjury from jailbird Ted Kohl is revealed in prior Articles on Scamraiders and in Court filings. It is sufficient to say that George eventually faced that his lies and deception had not won out. His son Julian reported to the New York Times … “we are no match for Jim Couri”. Pavia’s lawyer, Ithkowitz & Harwood, states on their website…“George will do anything to get Jim Couri out of his tenancy”. Desperate, George and Antonia turned to hiring unscrupulous attorneys and more cheating and lying. For the Pavias it was as easy as one, two, three.

Step one: George filed a bogus criminal charge against Jim for “harassment”; which the DA realized was purely retaliation by a rabid and spiteful landlord/lawyer, Pavia. The charges ended up thrown out as baseless and withdrawn by the Manhattan DA.

Step two: George, now further infuriated, pulled out all stops and began filing false documents with the DHCR, with the Department of Buildings (DOB), and with the Courts. All of the foregoing is memorialized in Court records and records at the DOB and ECB Court. The Pavias had to cover-up the findings by the ECB Court that, when Jim asked for inspections, the premises was deemed as hazardous and portions were built without permits and DOB approvals.

Step three: The Pavias got their ducks in a row, maneuvering their “problem” into George’s terrain of the Unified Court System and out of the Housing Court. What they did or did not do with Judge Joan Madden, we can only say that the suspect pattern of this Judge’s acts are right in step with the Pavias’ track record of violating the Rules of Law. JSC Madden’s Court appears to have been biased, favoring the Pavias, and depriving Jim of revealing the relevant and pertinent facts to the jury.

Well, for now, George and Antonia have made off with robbing Jim of his home and his rightful Rent Stabilization. Additionally, the Pavias have converted the Deed of another property, the East 77th Street townhouse of George’s in-laws to themselves without paying any gift taxes. What the heck, perhaps George doesn’t have to pay any gift tax, after all that would be the legal thing to do. The series of these bizarre “switches” are available in part at the NYC Department of Real Estate, etc. George is cleaver alright. Does crime pay? If you can cheat-em and beat-em---does it pay? Time will tell.

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