Kenneth V. Gomez, Esq.
John W. Siebert, M.D.
Scamraiders has scoured over New York State Court files that pertain to Joe Burke Esq. and Russo & Burke Esq.s (Collectively, Burke) and the Court Cases that involve Jim Couri against John W. Siebert MD, (Siebert) as well as Yaniv v Russo Burke in Federal Court, along with other evidence. These matters appear to confirm fraud, perjury, spoliation, money laundering, obstruction of justice and other illegal acts conducted by Burke and their
Joseph M. Burke, Esq.
“in-house” Associate Kenneth V. Gomez Esq. (Gomez) and others. Attorney Burke advertises that they are “Reliable, Trustworthy and Innovative”. Can extortion, racketeering, corruption, tampering, perjury, obstruction of justice, secretion of material evidence, spoliation, and proffering claims without legal foundation in fact or law be defined as “innovative, reliable, and trustworthy”?
Recently, Burke orchestrated a scheme of fraud on Scamraiders by illegally willfully attempting to derail Scamraiders’ legitimate accurate reporting of Siebert and Burke’s apparent crimes by misuse of interstate instrumentality, perpetuating mail and wire fraud, doctoring documents in a back-door scheme to defraud Google and injure Scamraiders without Notice to us. Scamraiders learned from other sources of Burke’s deceptive, reckless, and illegal acts geared to stop our reporting of Burke and Siebert’s corruption.


In June 2004, Jim Couri brought a court case against Siebert in behalf of Companies Jim is associated as Assignee of the Claims. The Claims involved Siebert’s execution of Promissory Notes and Agreements that were prepared by Siebert’s own lawyers at the time, Gilbert Tusa Last & Spellane (who apparently Siebert also failed to pay). The records also reveal that after Siebert’s repeated defaults of the Promissory Notes and Agreements, Jim sued Siebert.

Judge Michael D. Stallman

Enter “innovative” Burke in 2004, who quickly aided by Siebert, concocted phony counterclaims against Jim without a scintilla of evidence to support them and that appear baseless and outright fraud. These Siebert/Burke counterclaims are the subject of Jim’s Motion to expunge and dismiss all of their bogus counterclaims. Interestingly, Jim’s Motion is not opposed by any required sworn-to affidavit from Siebert, or any document to support any of their concocted counterclaims. Based upon the court filings that Scamraiders has reviewed spanning the 5 years of the Siebert/Burke litigations, it seems the false counterclaims were proffered solely to derail and delay Jim Couri’s collection of money owed by Siebert.

Appellate Division, 1st Department, New York

New York Supreme Court Building

Scamraiders has previously reported on what appears to be multiple, intentional, reckless infractions perpetuated by Burke. Articles referred to and relevant proofs are available in Scamraiders Archives for all to read. It is sufficient to report that evidence points to Burke’s suppression and spoliation of material documents, lying in pleadings, and recklessly engaging in ex-parte communications with Court Referees and Court Officials (all violations of Professional Disciplinary Rules).
Additionally, in 2005, when Burke and Siebert instigated and then signed a supposed Gag-Order/Stipulation, they agreed not to discuss the Siebert case or Jim Couri. It appears that within days Burke and Siebert embarked on rampant violations of the Stipulation by, inter-alia, sending out letters and intentionally lying about Jim’s legitimate business conduct. It seems that Burke and Siebert had the temerity also in violation of this Gag-Order, to unsuccessfully attempt to cover up the State of Connecticut’s pedophilia investigation involving Siebert by falsely claiming that Jim instigated the claim and charges. The Conn. State Report is exhibited in a previous Article in Scamraiders Archives. This was yet another Burke scheme to injure Jim, and another Burke/Siebert attempted smokescreen.


All lawyers are bound by Disciplinary Rules. Lawyer Joseph M. Burke, who, we remind you, promotes himself as “innovative”, has certainly lived up to his claims. That is if you consider rampant violations of numerous Disciplinary Rules “innovative”. In particular DR7-102: “Representing a client within the bounds of the law” (see complete Disciplinary Rules, Codes of Professional Responsibility). DR7-102 states in part:

(a) In the representation of a client, a lawyer shall not:

1. File a suit, assert a position, conduct a defense, delay a trial, or take other action on behalf of the client when the lawyer knows or when it is obvious that such action would serve merely to harass or maliciously injure another.

2. Knowingly advance a claim or defense that is unwarranted under existing law, except that the lawyer may advance such claim or defense if it can be supported by good faith argument for an extension, modification, or reversal of existing law.

3. Conceal or knowingly fail to disclose that which the lawyer is required by law to reveal.

4. Knowingly use perjured testimony or false evidence.

5. Knowingly make a false statement of law or fact.

6. Participate in the creation or preservation of evidence when the lawyer knows or it is obvious that the evidence is false.

7. Counsel or assist the client in conduct that the lawyer knows to be illegal or fraudulent.

8. Knowingly engage in other illegal conduct or conduct contrary to a disciplinary rule.

(b) A lawyer who receives information clearly establishing that:

1. The client has…. perpetuated a fraud upon a person….the lawyer shall reveal the fraud to the affected person or tribunal (Court) …..

2. A person other than the client has perpetuated a fraud upon a tribunal (the Court) shall promptly reveal the fraud to the tribunal…..

See also: Codes of Professional Responsibility- additional Disciplinary Rules violated by Burke/Siebert/Gomez: DR7-110-Contact with Officials; DR7-102-Representing Clients within the Bounds of the Law; DR1-102-Misconduct.

Scamraiders has provided a bounty of documents obtained from Court files, Investigations, Reports and other sources that appear to establish beyond any doubt that Burke & Company have violated repeatedly each and every one of the foregoing Codes of Professional Responsibilities over the past five years. Lawyer Burke and his conspirators ‘modus-operandi’ it seems is to manipulate of the law, cover up and secrete evidence, and engage in a course of corruption; including obstruction of justice, perjury, suborning of perjury, spoliation, along with tampering of evidence and conning and manipulating Court Officials. Through Burke’s spoliation and fraud the Appellate Division and Jim Couri fell victim to Burke’s fraudulent concealment. Please see: Jim’s open Letter to the Appellate Division, and his Motion to Vacate and Strike the Order the Appellate Division issued grounded on Burke’s spoliation scheme, etc. Interestingly, all of the aforementioned charges are not only supported by the Court files, but remain un-denied by Burke and Siebert, not only in Court pleadings but here at Scamraiders, where they have been invited, pursuant to our terms, to deny any of these claims and to produce any proofs to support their objections. There have been no denials from these desperados. Rather they schemed to further their frauds by an illegal covert phony allegation to Google trying to deprive Freedom of Speech and Press, etc.


Scamraiders learned of Burke and Siebert’s suspect and apparent illegal acts and decided to conduct an investigation and cover this matter. This is an important part of our Mission, which is to uncover and report crime, fraud, corruption, scams, etc. (See Scamraiders Mission Statement, also see Founder Jim Couri’s bio). Scamraiders has spent weeks reviewing Siebert/Burke Cases, none of which are under any seal or restriction. All pleadings and documents reviewed seem to confirm that Russo & Burke, Joe Burke and Ken Gomez are unethical lawyers who have become desperate to shroud their corrupt activities. We have confirmed by the documents and pleadings that these culprits filed perjured pleadings, suborned perjury, engaged in malicious spoliation, racketeering, money laundering and fraud. It also seems clear that Burke, Siebert and others have engaged in these intentional corrupt activities unfettered up to now in the New York Unified Court System and apparently believe that they are above the law. Conversely, Scamraiders in full compliance with the law, Scamraiders’ Mission Statement and Terms of Use, as well as in full compliance with the Rights afforded under the US Constitution including Freedom of Speech and Press, has diligently assembled Court and other proofs and has reported what appears to be systematic and blatant corruption conducted by Burke/Siebert, Gomez and others in concert with them.

Here is some further evidence of the fraudulent and disingenuous conduct of these rogues. Scamraiders launched its website on or about June 24, 2009. Since June 25, 2009 Russo/Burke have “visited” the Scamraiders Site repeatedly--- viewing the Home Page and navigating most of the Articles, Terms of Use, Jim Couri Founder, Mission Statement, Staff and virtually all other categories. The “visits” from Russo/Burke have totaled at least 20, lasting about a dozen hours. Doing so they are bound by Scamraiders Terms of Use. Likewise Siebert and his Affiliates have visited the Scamraiders Site virtually daily since about June 2009. Though Russo/Siebert were clearly and fully aware of the Terms of Use and content of Scamraiders Site for months, Scamraiders never received any objection, rebuttal, or denial from Siebert or Burke regarding Scamraiders Reports and truthful accurate exposes of Burke, and Siebert. On the other hand, Burke chose, in violation of law and the Terms of Use, to lie to Google. Gomez also attempted to intimidate, extort and harass Scamraiders website Design Firm. Significantly, Scamraiders after over about 3 months of repeated visits to this site by these fraudsters has yet to receive a denial of any expose involving: Burke, Siebert, Gomez, Pavia, Helmsley, Zuckerman, Itkowitz, or any Court Official, (please see Scamraiders Archives regarding these persons and supporting Documents).


Knowing that the Scamraiders Reports are true and accurate and supported by documentary evidence, Burke et-al can only try to continue their fraudulent misrepresentations, fraudulent concealment, tampering and frauds, in the hope, just like the delusional ostrich, “I can’t see, therefore no one can see me”.

Scamraiders advises Mr. Burke and his law office and Associates that their acts are and have been violative of Scamraiders Terms of Use, and are a transparent scheme to thwart justice and deprive the airing out of their unscrupulous endeavors. Their shams of intentional corruption, tampering and spoliation, and their schemes to disenfranchise Freedom of Speech and Press are very serious acts. Mr. Burke, be advised that Scamraiders will take all necessary steps to continue to expose and report about wrongdoers, including you, Siebert, and others. Your attempts to maliciously interfere into Scamraiders legal activities protected by the US Constitution and a myriad of other laws will result very serious consequences for you, Siebert, and others. You and your co-conspirators have already been caught engaging in acts defined by law as criminal.

A final comment: Mr. Burke, Dr. Siebert, Ken Gomez, and “affiliates”: “There is a time to dance and a time to pay the fiddler”. It may be a good plan for you to get your head out of the dirt, and try to reform your corrupt behavior.

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